I Questioned Why They Called It A Murder!!!

More.  (My initial questioning was here.)

Edit: This is kind of weird. The Dallas Morning News seems to be soft peddling this story. The paper says the Medical Examiner's report has  been made public but when they contacted the cops today, they said, "This remains an on-going investigation by the Police Department. There is no further information at this time." But back at the first part of November, Fox 4 had a story which said Lightfoot's "official cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the fire, according to the medical examiner." (But the cops believed the fire had been intentionally set.) So the ME report now says "accidental?" Did it say that last month when the police had access to it? What has changed?

And I'll continue my rant against the "cause of death" being listed by a Medical Examiners in general. Figuring how she died is certainly in the area of expertise. Saying whether this case was an "accident" or a "homicide" is something they cannot possibly know. What about her body would show that the car was intentionally set on fire vs. accidentally catching on fire?

Edit: Now the DMN reports (in the same link above) that the dead girl had a blood alcohol concentration almost three times the legal limit. That still doesn't conclusively establish an accidental fire instead of an intentional fire. (Although that was always my guess.)