Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Fox News demographic watch: Mike Huckabee's show last night was from Branson with special guest Tony Orlando.
  • Lots of complaints about the Decatur players conduct during Friday nights game. Legitimate or just haters?
  • The beginning of the Penn State/Nebraska game was pretty moving but whoever/whomever led the spontaneous prayer needed to look at his watch. 
  • How in the world did Texas Tech beat OU in Norman a few weeks back?
  • The young hairdresser who was found in her burning car in Dallas a week ago has always been said to be a murder victim. Yet the police say she was alive before the car was set on fire. So exactly how do they know it was a murder?
  • Almost ever story on the home page of the Dallas Morning News web site this morning is behind a paywall. It started off at about 50% but it's become worse with each passing month.
  • Jason Garrett sure does like to say "We'll have to look at the tape" a lot.
  • Mrs. LL survived her Girls Night Out although I'm not sure she's eager to do it again. 
  • Decatur's Trevor Brazile won his 15th "world championship" in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association this weekend, but I'm not sure how that is different than an "all around" title which he holds eight of. 
  • I'm not sure how a woman got shot six times in the back in Dallas yesterday and survived
  • I already paid a guy to put up our Christmas lights. And he's already done it. I'm not getting on that roof.
  • A kid from Rhome, Texas started at quarterback this weekend for UNLV. Unfortunately, the team lost to New Mexico which had held the longest losing streak in the country.
  • And it's a little hard to understand how a guy accidentally left his six month old child in its car seat in a barbecue parking lot in Roanoke yesterday. 
  • The Family Cat is pretty much status quo but over the last week she's decided she needs to run from one end of the house to the other at the speed of light. And she's so fat she sounds like a dog when she does it. 
  • I heard Sister Christian on Saturday night and realized I can't help but think about Boogie Nights and a Chinese guy with firecrackers when it comes on.
  • You knew it was a matter of time before they would start attacking the judge who set the $100,000 bond in the Jerry Sandusky case.