Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What a weird deal at the Denton Airport this morning: A man if found wandering on the grounds, dazed and confused he tells of a plane crash maybe a mile away, and hours later the Cessna is found. Inside, one is dead and one is alive. No names yet.
  • I can't say I've been to Northside in many, many years, but in looking over a slideshow of the Pat Green concert at Billy Bob's, I had this question: Are the days of the cowboy hat gone? 
  • We had a very belated Family Photo Session last night. No one died despite the Family Unit's insistence that the Family Cat be in some of the photos. 
  • Man, was that an overrated storm prediction for yesterday afternoon? How long did that line of storms last? Five minutes?
  • The Messenger continues to blast the jury for the probation verdict in the case last week where the guy allegedly touched the teenager for only a second or two. That's really surprising considering the authors have seen enough trials to know exactly why that punishment was handed down.
  • The Rangers have won the bidding war (over $50 million) for simply the right to try and sign some pitcher from Japan. They say it could take at least another $50 million to get him under contract. So why didn't they just sign Cliff Lee last year (who went to the Phillies for $120 million)?
  • Not a single Democrat filed for office in Wise County by the end of yesterday's deadline. I think the same thing happened two years ago, so that that means that now every office in the County has defaulted to Republican without a fight.  Considering President Obama won't have a Democratic opponent, how lonely will our Democratic voting precincts be during the April primary? 
  • Ticket fans only: I'm a huge Gordon Keith fan but the way he has kicked around special co-host Mike Doocy the last two mornings just isn't funny.
  • Bob Vela Vila must read this blog based upon how I was blasted for calling a breaker box a fuse box yesterday. (Uh, and it tripped again last night when the electric garage door was opened. I switched up the cords after that.)
  • To see the lights go out at Candlestick Park (or whatever) in San Francisco last night during the 49ers/Steelers game was bizarre. And I many have missed it, but the announcers had to have made a "When the lights go down in the city" reference.  Edit: Here's the blimp video of the transformer blowing. Cool. 
  • On Sunday night in his annual "Thank God For Kids Address", Channel 8's Dale Hansen revealed he was the victim of attempted sexual abuse at age 10. I wonder how many people watch his show because no one really talked about it until this morning.
  • And I like Hansen, but he sure does some dramatic things in those Christmas "sign the screen" monologues. He's talked about his failed marriage, his estranged relationship with his kids, and now this. 
  • The girl from the Crazy Couple, Courtney Stodden, has released some Christmas photos that Santa will not be pleased with. (You're on your own.)
  • My nemesis and former Channel 5 reporter Kim Fischer fell for the "Jon Bon Jovi" is dead rumor yesterday  (which seems to pop up every month.)  By the way, she's working for an ABC affiliate in Utah now.  
  • You've guys have me torn on Interlochen.