Did This Man Have To Die?

21 year old Keith Thompson
The Gunman & Sheriff

Unarmed, but fleeing from police in a stolen automobile last Sunday, Keith Thompson was shot and killed by the Sheriff of Palo Pinto County, Ira Mercer,  north of Santo on FM 4.  Justified? Or do they have an expedited justice system to the west of us which includes capital punishment at he hands of a one person jury for offenses that normally would just get you locked up for a little bit.

Shootings by police are quickly excused all the time, but things are heating up out there.  It sounds like the local DA will have the grand jury review the case, but (get this) the Sheriff served as the DA Investigator prior to becoming Sheriff in 2005.  A different DA is in office now, but he's asking for trouble if he doesn't bring someone else in.

Star-Telegram story.
Mineral Wells story (with comments)

Edit: Hey, I didn't give an opinion one way or another. I don't know enough of the facts. If the kid is driving at the Sheriff, no problem.  If the Sheriff killed him just to end the chase as the kid was driving away, big problem.