Oh, My

<a href='http://www.foxsportssouthwest.com/pages/video?UUID=d7c0d87a-154e-4a2b-a5a0-8831a2a89c2b&amp;src=SLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Cart attack'>Video: Cart attack</a>

Wow. Who would have known the Video Of The Year would make an appearance at the last minute? I love the guy who ends up in the passenger seat of the golf cart, steers it a little bit, and then bails out like nobody's business. I'm right there with ya, buddy! I'm no hero, either. Save yourself! And then there's the fat boy in a white shirt who gets tackled by the turf for no reason. Worst. Hero. Ever.   Finally, there's the guy who shows up at the end like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible XIV. After saving the day by shutting down the cart, he just stares forward in defeat. You know what he's thinking, "I'm so . . . . "

I smell Best Documentary. I could watch this more than the Zapruder film.

Edit: The black guy who is near death reminds me of Stanley from "The Office."

Edit: Woah. Who arranged those pylons like the Twin Towers at the end of the youtube clip? Coincidence?