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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A senior Aggie football player was killed yesterday in a traffic accident. Earlier in the day, Joey Villavisencio and other teammates had handed out gifts to families in need at Twin City Mission in Bryan. He then headed home for Christmas.
  • That made me tear up just to type it. 
  • We had to have the Family Christmas early this year and it was last night.  I'm now not as against that concept as I thought I would be. 
  • I looked at the iPod section in a Best Buy yesterday. If the store had been looted in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, there would have been more stuff still on the shelves. 
  • Someone commented yesterday that I had a double standard for being critical of the Palo Pinto Sheriff for killing the 21 year old but I hadn't said a word about President Obama authorizing the killing of a U.S. citizen in Yemen in October as part of the War On Terror. Oh, but I did (and got criticized by someone suggesting I was defending a "towel head".)
  • Not to say I don't have double standards. I do. 
  • I was in a car last weekend with someone who used OnStar to find a fast food restaurant. Those OnStar operators have to have a 100% "always be professional no matter what the question is" policy. 
  • There's no way I would have done that. 
  • Bush The First endorsed Mitt Romney yesterday. I think that entire Bush family cannot stand the Perry clan. 
  • First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress is one the cover of D Magazine this month and that's one great cover. (The first pic is the one they went with.) 
  • I've got to go to the jail today to visit a couple of people. They need a little encouragement at this time of year. 
  • Things I don't understand from this week: (1)The mass of people who showed up at Dallas City Hall to see Khloe Kardashian, (2)  and the "thousands" who lined up in the metroplex last night to buy $195 Air Jordans.
  • A handful of potential NFL first round picks are deciding whether to enter the draft or return to college for their senior year. At that age, I would have gone pro in a New York minute if faced with that decision. However, knowing what I know now, I would absolutely return for my Senior year. (And I bet Vince Young would agree with me.)
  • WBAP's Hal Jay said this morning that USC's Matt Barkley, who said yesterday he was returning to USC for his final year despite being projected as a top five pick, had made a "stupid decision" and was "getting bad advice." Think I was banging the dash with my fist at that point?
  • The sound of nothing is more Christmassee than the sound of Christsmas songs.
  • There is no Update today.  But there are Random Thoughts. And to think they won their own contest for "Best Wise County Blog" when I'm the hardest working man in show business. I may go Occupy the sidewalk outside their office. 


Anonymous said...

Oh, but I did (and got criticized by someone suggesting I was defending a "towel head".)

I had your back on that one. Like, a minute before you posted this.


Anonymous said...

Do members of the Wise County Appraisal Board have to live in the County?

Anonymous said...

I have followed this blog for several years now. Seen a lot of commentors come and go (and come back, Devil). I choose anon, others are identifiable. It really makes no difference to the entertainment value, and after all, we're not solving problems here, just humoring ourselves.

The fairly recent arrival of Rage here has unquestionably lowered the quality of discussion. It remains a mystery why he/she/it thinks his contribution of name calling and obnoxiousness adds to this forum in any way. It clearly does not

So when you go the way of MZ, TXSharon, siliconvalley and Jarhead (i.e. disappear) the vast majority of participants here will be glad.

Anonymous said...

The fairly recent arrival of Rage here has unquestionably lowered the quality of discussion.

Awww. This just makes my day. Merry Christmas to you too, you ignorant, anonymous jackwagon!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and to Mrs. LL and to the rest of the family too.

Prayers go out to that player's family, especially at this time of year. So sad!

Merry Christmas to everyone else too!

Anonymous said...

And in the end,the love you take is equal to the love you make.

DF The boys from Liverpool

Anonymous said...

Are any working people out there glad the the Democrats "forced" the Republicans to continue the payroll tax holiday? How about you unemployed - are you still voting Republican? Are those of you with taxable income over $1,000,000 happy there will be no increase in your taxes on amounts over a million bucks?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Anonymous said...

"I was in a car last weekend with someone who used OnStar to find a fast food restaurant. Those OnStar operators have to have a 100% "always be professional no matter what the question is" policy. "

I read something yesterday that said that the new generation entering the work force is not so much tech savvy as they are tech dependent. They can't do anything without an APP to do it for them, and if it breaks they can't fix it.

If they do manage to do it, they have to post it somewhere to see if anybody else is doing it or if somebody will like that they did.

Anonymous said...

Jail house visit huh.
Say hello to your family for me.

Happy Christmas

Triple Fake... said...

When you say there's no way you would do that...
Use OnStar to find a fast food place, or always be professional no matter what?

I have a vague notion that there was something involving the collection of toys, which is always a good thing. But, droves of folks turning out to get a glimpse of the Metroplex member of the KK clan is proof of our sleigh ride towards Idiocracy.
More proof: people forking over a couple of Benjamins for a pair of shoes - and they're not even dress shoes! Well, in certain circles I suppose they could be.

If you're planning to occupy the sidewalk outside the Messenger's world headquarters, better wear some extra layers of clothing. Cuz baby it's cold outside (double callback from the other day and your grinchy comment about silence being Christmasee. Plus, you've pointed out that there is no Update today, meaning your protest won't even be acknowledged until Tuesday. Maybe - just maybe - you'll get clubbed or pepper sprayed by the local constabulary (cue the Tom Bishop jokes). Good photo op for Joe

"I'll alert the media."
Triple Fake Hobson

Merry Christmas, fellow bloggers!

Anonymous said...

1) anytime you can make a chunk of money you do it. Even if it delays a degree by five years. Odds are, the degree will take decades to replace a lost signing bonus.

2) Colin Jones is in a picture in SI.

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has studied it says that Soc Security is bankrupt and going further negative every day. I have heard no argument to that point. The payroll tax holiday reduces money going into the fund, therefore worsening the state of that system. How is that a good thing?

Anonymous said...

Not an Aggie fan but my heart goes out to the Aggie nation and the family. Very sad for them.

DF Matt Barkley said...

I'm the quarterback at USeffenC. I score like Wilt Chamberlain on ladies' night at Studio 54. I'd have to go in the first 10 picks to avoid taking a pay cut. I'd have to be crazy to not want another year of this.

Anonymous said...

Rage - I like your comments. Your one of the few voices of reason on the comment board. Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

Re the Random Thoughts Girl: Now the Cowboys should follow the lead of the bikini girl & play through the pain, even though it is a light beer. Ho Ho.

Re the Bush Clan & Perry: Most Bushies and their closest advisers DESPISE Perry. View him as a huckster of the lowest rank. Professor Harold Hill without intelligence. No noblesse oblige, just a ShamWow politician.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

You're missing a comma.

Anonymous said...

Skippy, When you are occupying the sidewalk, try not to get head lice, dispose of your syringes properly after shooting up heroin, do not rape any women, do not set fire to public property, when a policeman tells you that if you don't leave you are going to be pepper sprayed listen to him, and do not accept a check from any unions or ACORN.

Anonymous said...

Rage, So once again you are saying it's not OK to kill someone in the process of committing a felony or siding with the enemy of the US, but you can kill an innocent baby in the womb? Now I now how your pea brain works.

Jarhead said...

You guys still talking about me over here?

One of my retarded friends who still insists on reading this blog told me I was mentioned and I got a good laugh out of it. I guess I still have an impact despite my conspicuous absence.

"Disappear?" In your fucking dreams, Chucklehead.

Merry Christmas!


HarveyLee said...

I clicked on the wrong comment button.

Anonymous said...

Union members are some of the largest contributors to the United Way and other charities. They volunteer their time to set up the check off paperwork at their respective employers so other kids and elderly will have a good Christmas. 12:23 is just a horses ass.

Ali said...

Merry Christmas Barry and Mrs L.L and family. Merry Christmas to everyone else also. Thanks so much for the blog.

Anonymous said...

2:28, If I just hadn't said anything about your precious unions you probably would have agreed with me. But you can't argue that unions are a big part of the driving force behind the Occupy movement. And aren't they usually the ones inciting violence? But other than that they're a pretty good bunch of people.

Anonymous said...

Today's pic...

It looks like some ladies "wingman" took one for the team.

Double Fake Goose

Chucklehead said...

Luv it when Rage agrees with herself in anonymous form. Its sweet that all the voices get along so well.

Anonymous said...

Elected officials only have to say they live in an area and claim an address. For instance an individual could claim they like at the house of their parent and claim that as their residence.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure "Rage" is not new. It's just a personality that caught some heat and changed the alias. And 11:43AM is probably an alter ego.

Anonymous said...


So you believe your weak comments about Obama signing two death warrants on US citizens is in any way equal to what you said about the sheriff and his non- premeditated actions?

You and Rage really are sad...what...people?

And are you proud of your double standards?

Why not grow a set and then grow a moral code.

Anonymous said...

The union should help United Way .They are both cheap crooks.Give your money to the Salvatation Army.It's a real charity.No mansions.high dollar whores,no jet airplanes just giving to the needy.
Wise county United Way is not part of the national one.

Katy Anders said...

I'm not sure that Perry is exactly racking up the endorsements these days - inside or outside of Texas.

He ought to be happy! He'll be staying in Texas instead of heading off to awful D.C.

Triple Fake... said...

@12:01 -
Help me out here. If you're being humorous or critical I have no idea what you mean. I used all the commas allotted for that post. The only thing I missed was a parenthesis

Happy Festivus

Anonymous said...

The United Way is a one stop charity. One donation helps about 60 different entities. It's putting all your begs in one ask it.