Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Walmart Heiress Arrested For DWI In Parker County.  Maybe I would consider taking a DWI case out of Wise County after all. (Thanks, Keith.)
  • Baseball is entertaining in the post-season when every play matters. (See college football every Saturday.)
  • For those that watched Nelson Cruz throw out Miguel Cabrera at the plate last night, I'd like to proclaim that I stood a better chance of getting to the plate than Cabrera did. That man is slow.
  • It's three seconds long, but the awkward celebration/missed high five between Nolan Ryan's wife and GM Jon Daniels is pretty funny. 
  • Another gruesome motorcycle death yesterday. You don't want to see "dragging" in any news story.
  • Shocker: New NBC/Wall Street Journal poll just released puts Herman Cain in the lead for the Republican nomination. Who will they love next week? 
  • I don't think I understand how tuberculosis works. (New cases reported in Denton.)
  • I've been hearing that Blackberry service has been in and out over the last three days. Other than one 60+ businessman who thought he was showing off 10 years ago, I've never know anyone who has a Blackberry.
  • My accountant yesterday on the phone as I prepared to file my taxes at the last minute (after an extension): "Let me see how much you'll owe . . . one second . . . it'll be . . . no, you overpaid." 
  • Ticket fans only: Anyone else think The Hardline is becoming radio anthrax?
  • You watch closely enough, and there's some uncomfortable flirting on Twitter. 
  • I'm surprised the national media hasn't picked up the Rick Perry "Adios, mofo" line from a few years back.
  • I'm watching the Denton County No Body Travesty Case on appeal. For now, they are just trying to get the court reporter to type of the transcript. (Technically called the "reporter's record" for all of you about to jump on me.)   No rush. We just have a man sitting in prison. 
  • A murder in a home in Keller last night has all the markings of Darlie Routier (wife claims there was an intruder but cops say no) and Cullen Davis (she referred to the intruder as a "man in black").  I tried to look up the house on Google Street View but found out that it is in a high tone gated community. The metroplex news media will be all over this.