Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Tech vandalized the Aggie bus? The Tech administration says, "Not so fast, my friend." And they might be right. 
  • I appreciate the ol' "Do what you love" career advice. Unfortunately, it's given by the .00001% of people who actually can make a living following that advice. 
  • Dirty Muslims are killing good, clean Christians in post-Arab Spring Egypt. Or something like that. 
  • There was a horrible wreck in Arlington yesterday killing three young people, and the Star-Telegram linked to some of their Facebook pages next to their story about the incident.  They debated this on WBAP this morning which seems like a silly debate.
  • The Softball Experiment Season is winding down and we've got a game tonight against a team that might have beat the Texas Rangers last night.  I'm practicing my "Believe You Can Win" speech when I'm not sure I believe we can win. (Their catcher has a stronger arm than Pudge Rodriguez.)
  • Actually used Facebook yesterday to research a very iffy sexual assault allegation in Wise County which has landed a kid in jail (without even being interviewed before a warrant was issued.). There it was on the alleged victim's digital wall on the day after the alleged assault: "I have no idea what happened last night." 
  • I don't have any problem with pink being everywhere in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I'm just not sure why it gets a whole month. 
  • A Decatur graduate is doing pretty well as a soccer player at Midwestern State.
  • I mentioned last night that the Ranger game ended with the first ever "Walk Off Grand Slam" in the playoffs. That's barely true: Robin Ventura did it in 1999 but it didn't count because he never made it to home plate because of being mobbed. 
  • Ok, I'll admit it: My sports predicting has become horrible. I'm thinking of going to Vegas to bet the opposite of what I think. It would be like the "Opposite George" Seinfeld episode.
  • But wouldn't that be hard to bet the opposite of what you think? Once you choose the opposite, wouldn't you fear that's what you really believe?
  • TCU joins the Big 12 with play to start in 2012. I guess they'll just take the Aggies conference schedule. 
  • Random old shows I thought were funny: Mystery Science 3000 and Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.
  • Alliance Town Center (the one that Sam Moon is in) says the Velvet Box is a "sexually oriented business" and wants to shut it down. (Although it's been open since 2009.)