Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm in Conspiracy Camp in regards to the postponing of the Ranger game yesterday. Something is up. And I wouldn't rule out Fox wanting to use Sunday night to catch eyeballs for that new Simon Cowell show.
  • It took a while, but the "Mormon Factor" for Mitt Romney is now becoming an issue. Well, at least it is starting locally with the pastor of the First Baptist of Dallas who called the religion  a cult. (Side note: There's something extremely weird about that pastor. From his comments to his mannerism, something is not right.)
  • Saturday Night Live spoofed Fox and Friends and Hank Williams, Jr. Now that I liked. 
  • Mrs. LL was up all night with a sick kid. And from the sound of it, it was a really sick kid. (But I did go check on them at least once.)
  • Aggie buses were vandalized while in Lubbock for the Tech game. I still haven't seen any photos of it. 
  • Oklahoma is much better than Texas but not that much better. You have three turnovers and you'll probably lose. You have three turnovers returned for TDs, and you're going to get killed.
  • I mowed for the final time last weekend. Every year in the Spring, when I mow for the first time, I'll remind myself I'll be doing that until the middle of football season. 
  • There's nothing more of a power down than the worker coming through the door during an oil change and saying, "Mr. Green, can I show you something?"  I wonder what their markup is on air filters?
  • Seven boaters were rescued from the ocean off the Florida keys over the weekend after spending 20 hours in the water -- including a four year old girl. Wow.
  • "Sebastian Janikowski wrote: 'Did you say that 56 yard field goal attempt was WIDE?'" -- Someone posting on the Messenger's live blog of the Bridgeport/Decatur game on Friday night.
  • I'm insane now: Hot lady pops balloons to celebrate Rangers victory.
  • Picture of the Decatur Church of Christ I took 10 years ago after a tornado came through. Oh, and the First Baptist Church lost its steeple.
  • Why in the world would Paul McCartney, 69, get married again? (He did over the weekend.) His last wife, who might have been the devil incarnate, took him for over $30 million during the divorce.