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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm in Conspiracy Camp in regards to the postponing of the Ranger game yesterday. Something is up. And I wouldn't rule out Fox wanting to use Sunday night to catch eyeballs for that new Simon Cowell show.
  • It took a while, but the "Mormon Factor" for Mitt Romney is now becoming an issue. Well, at least it is starting locally with the pastor of the First Baptist of Dallas who called the religion  a cult. (Side note: There's something extremely weird about that pastor. From his comments to his mannerism, something is not right.)
  • Saturday Night Live spoofed Fox and Friends and Hank Williams, Jr. Now that I liked. 
  • Mrs. LL was up all night with a sick kid. And from the sound of it, it was a really sick kid. (But I did go check on them at least once.)
  • Aggie buses were vandalized while in Lubbock for the Tech game. I still haven't seen any photos of it. 
  • Oklahoma is much better than Texas but not that much better. You have three turnovers and you'll probably lose. You have three turnovers returned for TDs, and you're going to get killed.
  • I mowed for the final time last weekend. Every year in the Spring, when I mow for the first time, I'll remind myself I'll be doing that until the middle of football season. 
  • There's nothing more of a power down than the worker coming through the door during an oil change and saying, "Mr. Green, can I show you something?"  I wonder what their markup is on air filters?
  • Seven boaters were rescued from the ocean off the Florida keys over the weekend after spending 20 hours in the water -- including a four year old girl. Wow.
  • "Sebastian Janikowski wrote: 'Did you say that 56 yard field goal attempt was WIDE?'" -- Someone posting on the Messenger's live blog of the Bridgeport/Decatur game on Friday night.
  • I'm insane now: Hot lady pops balloons to celebrate Rangers victory.
  • Picture of the Decatur Church of Christ I took 10 years ago after a tornado came through. Oh, and the First Baptist Church lost its steeple.
  • Why in the world would Paul McCartney, 69, get married again? (He did over the weekend.) His last wife, who might have been the devil incarnate, took him for over $30 million during the divorce.


Anonymous said...

My belly resmbles the bape of a Big balloon, reckon she would come bounce up and down on me?????

Anonymous said...

Aggie busses vandalized? You've seen one cow patty, you've seen them all.

Anonymous said...

Rain causes postponement of the game so you have the groundskeeper water the field.

Anonymous said...

Popeye may like bowlegged wimmin, but I kinda' like 'em pigeon toed like the one on the right. But damn is she ugly.

Why is that chick popping balloons? Some dude has to put up with her BS. Well, he doesn't have to, but he does.

There is definitely something wrong with FBD's pastor. My great (several more greats) grandpappy, who helped start that church, would not approve.


Anonymous said...

The pastor at FBC Dallas had no business endorsing a particular candidate. It is right to call a spade a spade: Mormonism is a cult.

LLDQFan said...

Jeffress, in explaining why baptists are Christian and why mormons are not, places his own religion in the same category he is attempting to put mormons. The baptist religion was created 1600 years after Christ, by a man named John Smythe, so using his own logic and reason the baptists are a cult also. One explanation he made said baptists are Christian because they have the Bible. Well, the Bible hasn't always existed. So, is he saying those Christians from the time of Christ to 1500 years later, when the first Bible was printed, were not Christian because they didn't have the Bible?

He may have a degree in theology, but he needs to go back and get educated in logic and reason.

Arthur said...

Wife no. 3 has a lot of her own money and both of her legs. Macca got older at that position but also less crazy. More power to the guy if he can drag someone almost twenty years younger out of there.

I agree there's something not quite right about Robert Jeffress. I bet he's the kind of teetotaling Southern Baptist who drinks all your beer while you're not looking.
That guy is Home Depot material.

No love for RG III today? For shame.

Anonymous said...

OU is that good and the sips are that bad. First competition the sips play and they left a big ole cowpatty in their shorts. If they had kept the ball instead of turning it over their punter would have kicked twenty times and the score would have been similar.

OSU hangs 55 minimum on the sips this weekend. Freshman cb's and slow thug safeties will be exposed by the 30 year old qb.

Sips will go 7-5 and lose to ou, osu, ksu, bubears and the ag's. Might lose to tech and mizz as well.

As hard as espn tries for them to be good, they just keep spitting the bit. Mack is gone after next year.

HSO for your Monday!

Football guru

KatyDid said...

While I'm no fan of LDS, it always makes me wonder what kind of definition of cult these folks are using when they call it a cult.
Surely they therefore consider independent Christian churches a cult, too... Right?
I mean, if these independent megachurches don't qualify as a cult, what does?

Using Romney's Mormonism against him is a little like mentioning that Obama was black back in 2008:
1) Everybody already knows,
2)some people aren't going to vote for him for that very reason, but
3) mentioning it makes you look like a bigoted jerk.

Anonymous said...

8:51, no church does. It should cost them their tax-exempt status.

But they all do--from "conservative" Baptist churches like FBC Dallas (whose pastor wears make up) to AME churches in S. Dallas and the 5th Ward in Houston.

We could fix our budget by taxing churches who break the rules.


Anonymous said...

Paul McCartney: All he needs is love.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you went to Kwik Kar. This has happened to me almost every time I've gone to Kwik Kar, and it's one of the reasons I don't go there anymore. To prove that it's a scam, I decided to replace my air filter myself one day before I went to have my oil changed. So I pulled into Kwik Kar, brand new air filter already installed, and sure as heck after about 10 minutes the mechanic comes in and says "let me show you something". He says my air filter needs to be replaced. I then took him to the car, showed him the box and receipt for the new air filter lying in the back seat, and said "no, I don't think I want it replaced since I JUST REPLACED IT AN HOUR AGO". He just looked at me like "whatever". Total scam.

Also, check their prices against their competitors - Kwik Kar is much higher than most. Almost everyone is cheaper. The dealerships even charge less than they do, and they throw in a free car wash (at least mine does).

Anonymous said...

We could fix our budget if we wouldn't loan millions to our bundler friend's solar companies and allow drug cartels to buy millions of dollars worth of guns and take them back to Mexico. We could fix our budget by impeaching the man child Obammy.

Anonymous said...

That video of the balloon poppin' girl was bizarre, but she could pop my balloon anytime!

And, for all you TCU haters..... based on Saturday, you don't think TCU belongs in the Big 12? So does that mean UT should plan on a move to C-USA?

Yellow dog demo said...

random thoughts girls belong in a cornfield not on this blog! UGH

Anonymous said...

Kwik Kar does what a lot of other business' do. I took a trailer to BIG TEX in Fort Worth to have some work done on the hydraulic dump bed. The company rep asked me about the tail lights. I said the lights were fine and we looked at them. They have angle iron around them for protection. A few days later he called and said the trailer was ready and asked "What about your tail lights?" I said they were fine. He said both were busted and needed repair. Upon inspection and further discussion, he was mad at me for pointing out that we looked at the lights before I left and agreed that they were fine. He said "Well I don't go around smashing lights with a club." But that is the only explaination for why mine were broken. He fixed them for free, and never worked on another piece of my equipment.

Triple Fake... said...

Rangers notes - Extra Special playoff edition:
~ The postponement of yesterday's game was for ratings purposes only. There isn't anything else on TV today (that starts @ 3:19, anyway!)
~ The gal that was caught on camera picking her nose during the game was on with the Musers this morning. She was kinda like "Yeah, embarrassing. Now let's get over my fifteen minutes so I can go back to being anonymous."
~ Thouroughly enjoyed having Francona riding in the sidecar with Joe Buck. Buck Martinez - were you taking notes?
The two best lines of the night -
Francona: "I wanna chew and I wanna curse at will, and I can't do either!"
Buck: "That is a tired banana over there, too!"

When the oil change technician says your air filter needs to be replaced, take a good look at it to make sure he's right; then decline the offer. Go to the auto parts store afterward and do it yourself. Takes about five minutes and costs about half of what he would have charged. He does the work of finding out what needs to be replaced. You save the money

"Love doesn't come in a minute,
Sometimes it doesn't come at all
I only know that when Im in it
It isn't silly, it isn't silly, love isn't silly at all."

Triple Fake Sir Paul

Anonymous said...

What happened to The Movie Store in Boyd yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Jeffers is a Baptists. I wouldn't give 15 cents for the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is a cult. Jesus was a real person, not a god. He was a Rabbi that rebelled against the Sanhedrin and got himself in trouble with the Jews and the Romans. He was made a god with fabricated stories a couple of hundred years after his execution. His followers made up the story that he was the son of God to be in line with all of the Roman gods who were also children of Gods.
Interesting reading is Thomas Paine's "The Age of Reason" written around 1794. Paine was a founding father and friend of Jefferson. He also wrote “Common Sense” the pamphlet that inspired revolution in America.

Anonymous said...

Orange...burnt. This just in... O.U. scored again!

Anonymous said...

11:58 Amen

Jack Daniels said...

Lets hear your FACTS to back up that story, shall we.

Anonymous said...

Air filter up-sell always a scam at the chain oil change spots. And they cross-thread your oil pan plug.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

real men change their own oil!

ambien greggo said...

"Hot lady" is apparently Jasmine from the fan morning show.

She is annoying and single..go figure

Anonymous said...

Lubbock PD has no record of a call made concerning any bus vandalism. Ironically the Texas A&M university police, which were on security detail of that exact bus, also have no record of reported vandalism. It was a stunt to pump up the players, and was done at the expense of Texas Tech being associated with the act. It wasn't paint, but it was dark shoe polish. No idea if anything else has been validated...

Anonymous said...

Like I've always said, Christians are nothing more than weak people who can't think for themselves.

Said thing is, You are judged by Christians if you don't fall for their crap.

Anonymous said...

The local churches and their pastors have every right to be involved in the political process...why do you think they don't? The Christian people in this country have stood by and done nothing for way too's time to stand up and reclaim what is rightfully ours. There was a time in our nation's history when you didn't get elected if you weren't a Christian. The constitution itself, though not a perfect document, was based on the perfect word of God. Study the fall of Ancient Rome and just see if our country is not headed down that same path, we are a sick and dying country...our only hope is not in a man, but in God himself...we are, after all, one nation under God.

CT said...

that pastor has creepy eyes..or is it his eye makeup?

Anonymous said...

Amen 2:56. Heathens run rampant in Decatur.

Anonymous said...

2:56 what a lot of blather! The founding fathers of this country were at best deist - not Christians. T. Jefferson defeated J. Adams for president because he was viewed as less religious than Adams. Jefferson founded U of Virginia without any department of religion for a reason. The Constitution was based on "reason" not any bible. We just might be a nation under God, but I'm not certain you know whose God. As for the " nation under God...." phrase dates all the way back to the Eisenhower administration in the 1950's (and it still doesn't define which God - Jewish, Christian, Islamic or other).

Consilium ac prudentia said...

Whether you believe in God or not you have to admit that the further our society gets from being a Christian based society and the more God is removed from everything the further our country sinks into the quagmire of immorality and unethical behavior.

Anonymous said...

He wouldn't be the first president the was a Moron!

Anonymous said...

Cult: A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

Anonymous said...

And then there was House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and her stupid, unfounded comments AGAIN about Tea Party Members spitting on Congressmen. She is so out of touch. Get her out of there!

Anonymous said...

Heard one comment that FBC Dallas's pastor is a drag queen.


Anonymous said...

Just because you are a good, morall person doesn't make you a Christian. Read your Bible, and not a person's book for the truth!

Anonymous said...

Seems that this country had much more integrity, respect, class and power when wewere led by Christian presidents and when Christianity was the focus of our people!

We've certainly moved away from Christianity and we've allowed Christians to be bashed and scoffed at.

Look how much better we are for that!!!

Anonymous said...

The local pastors do not have the right to get involved in the political process from the pulpit. They are a tax free entity and it is illegal for them to do so. They have the absolute freedom to preach politics from the pulpit if they are willing to give up the tax exemption. They can't have both.
Also it might make all of the Baptists feel better to know that Eisenhower put "under God" in the pledge with the idea, and pressure, coming from the Knights of Columbus. They had been doing it for years. How 'bout them Catholics!

Anonymous said...

Win or lose, OU is still in Norman. Who the F would ever choose Norman over Austin?

Anonymous said...

Huge mistake on Perry's behalf in not denouncing that pastor's opening comments regarding Mormonism. And don't you know Obama's camp is celebrating the Christian vs. Mormon opening that provided?

Anonymous said...

The 48% that don't pay taxes should not have the right to discuss politics in public either. Since they are basically "tax-exempt".

Anonymous said...

3:35 PM,

"The founding fathers of this country were at best deist - not Christians."

90% of the signers of the constitution were self identified Christians.

"Jefferson defeated J. Adams for president because he was viewed as less religious than Adams. Jefferson founded U of Virginia without any department of religion for a reason."

Jefferson established AT LEAST three different Christian church services in Washington, including a regular service in Congress.

"The Constitution was based on "reason" not any bible. We just might be a nation under God, but I'm not certain you know whose God."

God is referred to many times in the Federalist Papers. The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

"As for the " nation under God...." phrase dates all the way back to the Eisenhower administration in the 1950's (and it still doesn't define which God - Jewish, Christian, Islamic or other)."

Uh, that would all be the SAME God.

Do a little research, huh?