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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Your Texas Rangers better get their act together. 
  • Anyone else now share my opinion on how unlikable C.J. Wilson is? He called himself a pitching "novice" after his second straight playoff meltdown yesterday. And to think someone will give him at least $80 million in the next three months.
  • And you feel good about rolling out Derek Holland for Game Six on Saturday? Sheesh. My big sports brain would start Alexi Ogando.
  • WBAP morning newsman Brian Estridge said this morning that he had never heard the act of putting on makeup as "putting my face on." 
  • Let me say this for the millionth time: No one is ever arrested on "suspicion" of a crime. (i.e. the Walmart heiress being arrested on "suspicion of DWI".)  A cop can initially detain, but not arrest, someone because of a "reasonable suspicion." Arrests must be based upon "probable cause." 
  • Note to those who showed up at DFW Airport to meet the Ranger plane last night: Do you care that much about people who are actually a part of your life?
  • I haven't heard of hardly any cases in Texas involving the so-called "Castle Doctrine" which went into effect in 2007.  That law eliminated the "duty to retreat" before using deadly force in one's home. Regardless of the law, Texas never, in practical application, had a "duty to retreat" rule. Killing someone who breaks into your home isn't exactly the kind of act which will get you indicted around here. 
  • The dead guy in the bizarre Keller case was named "Gregory Williams" with a date of birth of 3/24/1971.  I haven't heard any background on him yet, though. 
  • Tony Romo said yesterday "This team is going to win a Super Bowl at some point."  What the heck does that mean? "This team"?  
  • Count the number of organizations trying to raise money this weekend in the Update.


Random Judge said...

The Random Thought Girls in quality order this week:

Monday (right)
Monday (left)

The distance between Wednesday and the rest of the contestants was so great that we excused her from the interview portion.

Bacon said...

She is uber uber!!!!!!!
4.8 out 5

Anonymous said...

Have faith in the little red shed Rangers. We're are back home in the friendly confines of The Temple. We split with Verlander and now all we need to reach the Series is one win.

Stay hard.

DF Rhynezy

Anonymous said...

Eat and going "junking" at all the garage sales this weekend but perhaps Chico offers more opportunities!

Anonymous said...

Why do I seem to find women kinda nasty but have no Gay tendencies?

Anonymous said...


I too believe the Cowboys "team" will eventually win another superbowl, I also believe it may not be in my lifetime. I guess Tony and I are some type of profit huh? The Rangers looked like they wanted to come back home - I think Jerry Jones may have played a role, needing to get some more out siders in to tour Jerry World! It may be the only way to get people in the stadium after this year........

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who would go out to meet any athlete at an airport is just nuts. But then again, I think anyone who cares about any sport is nuts. I couldn't care less about the rangers or any other sports team. When will this ranger stuff be over???

Anonymous said...

That girl needs to push those spectacles up her nose....

As for the Rangers.... this is what a series is about.. the teams that win the series lose games in the series... there is no panic because you lost a game.

Anonymous said...

The "pink" business is getting a little over the top. Let's hope all the money gets to research and not in some executive/fundraiser pockets.

Charity events will only get worse however as our levels of gov pull back their assistance and the economy worsens.

Know of a lady (couple both recently without work) who needs heart surgery, no insurance (COBRA would have been 1200 a mo), hospital has a plan however. She pays 15,000 up front, signs a contract to pay 600 a month till debt paid. She dosen't have either.

Willing to bet this is one of millions.

Triple Fake... said...

Rangers notes - one more game to go edition:
~ If you were gonna ditch Dutch "the 'Stache" Holland, why not go with Scooter Feldman? He's been fantastic in long relief, keeps the ball down and doesn't get rattled. That way, you still have Ogando in the bullpen for late innings
~ CJ is in only his second season as a starting pitcher, and still learning, so the novice label is accurate. Didn't you catch the announcers saying that Verlander is still tweaking his mechanics? And that guy is considered the best pitcher in the game right now
~ Home crowd = advantage: Rangers
~ Going out on a limb here, and predicting that Nelson Cruz hits at least one more out of the yard. But he needs some company from his teammates. Josh...Nap...Adrian?

Anonymous said...

Rangers: so feeling a conspiracy here. Wouldn't they make more money (tickets sales, etc.) if the series goes long?

Anonymous said...

Re: Castle Doctrine:
Do I understand your point to be that the law passed in '07 was frivolous or unnecessary? When you say "hardly any cases", well, OK, but who wants to be one of the two or how-ever-few cases where someone is charged with a felony after defending their home from an intruder? I am licensed to carry and do so, and have guns scattered around my home. If ever in that situation, I don't know if I could pull the trigger or not. I hope I never find out. You have made mention here of over zealous prosecutors bringing criminal charges on individuals in different areas of the law. Your statement "Regardless of the law, Texas never, in practical application,..." gives me no comfort. If I understand all this correctly, having a law that spells it out more clearly to reduce the chance of someone being subjected to the MAJOR hassle of defending themselves in criminal proceedings is a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Barry put down the Rangers! That means they will win tomorrow night!

Anonymous said...

"I am licensed to carry and do so, and have guns scattered around my home."

"I don't know if I could pull the trigger or not."

Do us all a favor- Give that license back, and sell your guns before you get killed, or a child finds one of them. What a dumb sumbitch...

Anonymous said...

Was Moses a prophet for profit?

Anonymous said...

Friend of mine shot a guy looking in his window, and wasn't prosecuted.

I have (pre-2007) shot an intruder, and the questions from the police went like this:

Cop: This guy live here?

Me: Nope.

Cop: Alright then. (Walks away.)

Texas has never had a duty to retreat. In fact, the penal code even has a defense to being charged with murder/manslaughter/assault that permits you to shoot someone in the back, while they are running away and not a threat, after they took your property (note: for this defense you don't even have to be acting in self defense), if you reasonably believe that that is the only way you can get your property back.

Hell, in Texas a few years ago a guy leaned out his front door with a rifle and shot the guy reposessing his truck. No billed.


Anonymous said...

RT girl = fat.

Re: putting on her face...she was only farding.

Anonymous said...

OK, that's all good news to me. So what, then, is the effect of the '07 law?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


They owned a smoothie shop and gregg was a very good computer person. He had no money problems. The only issue in their marriage was she wanted nothing to do wtih his other daughter. She was and always has been in it for the money. Gregg would never let his gaurd down around anyone unless he trus\ted and and look what she did to my family. She may be lawyered up but were gonna prove it was her.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo and more.

They own 2 business (something with computers and a yogurt shop) and was leasing this house. They were just about to close on a more expensive house not far from this one. They seemed to be doing well financially..... Seemed. I just don't see the logic in washing off the husbands hands and cleaning the gun before calling the police. If my husband shot himself the 1st thing I would do is pick up the phone and call for help to try and save him, not try to stage the scene for insurance purposes or whatever reason she gave. This lady is crooked as a $3.00 bill. Oh... then she gets a lawyer.....

Anonymous said...

CJ Wilson is the real deal. Pitched fine in the first game until arm went cold during the rain delay. Predict he will be 2-0 in the World Series.

Anonymous said...

No suicide in the Keller case. Just heard it on the news. I knew his wife was guilty!!!!