Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I was completely out of the loop this weekend - I may need you guys to update me this morning.
  • Ate at Nuevo Leon at Northside on Friday. Not bad. But it was one of those weird experiences where we were going to try something new only to walk in the door and realize that we had been there before.
  • And I'm not a complainer, but the service was bad.  I've noticed that in so many places in the last couple of months -- which is odd because with jobs at a premium, you'd think people would work hard to keep them.
  • Lady GaGa arrived at the Grammy's last night in an egg. Yep, an egg. Since she arrived one time in a dress made of meat, she's halfway to a Grand Slam Breakfast. (Stolen line.)
  • I don't relate to the Grammy's any more. I had no idea who Arcade Fire (best album) or Esperanza Spalding (best new artist) were.
  • I actually planned Mrs. LL's Valentines's Day gift three weeks ago.
  • WBAP was talking about how much the average guy spends on his significant other on Valentine's. They sited one study that said $116. Really?
  • Caught some of Desperado last night. Sucks me in every time.
  • Also saw an old episode of To Catch A Predator which reminded me that one time Mrs. LL left me a phone message composed entirely of drops from the Chris Hansen soundboard. Funny.
  • The Messenger reported this weekend that redistricting might cause Wise County to be cut out of Rep. Phil King's district. Everyone gripes about him, but he's been unbeatable and that's the only way he won't represent us. 
  • Ann Coulter thinks New Jersey governor Chris Christie could be President Obama in the next election. In all seriousness, I don't think a fat guy could ever win the presidency. It's a shallow reason, but that's the way we are.
  • The No-Body-Murder-Trial in Denton was put on hold all of late last week because of weather and because the judge had "other obligations." 
  • Wrong way driver in Dallas last night (but he was stopped once a cop rammed him). Man, that would be terrifying to see on a highway.