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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Uncle Leo from Seinfeld has died. (I never really liked that character.)
  • There was a double murder near the SMU campus last night which prompted the school newspaper to immediately post a story about it. Judging by the comments, the story contained a photograph of a dead body that was later taken down because of complaints.
  • We've always said we need to close the borders, just not this Borders.
  • Not sure I needed to see Mark Davis and Bob Ray Sanders yell at each other about John Wiley Price for the first 13 minutes of Fox 4 News last night.
  • That computer winning the Jeopardy match should be bigger news. Truly, that was a machine that could listen to the question and come up with the answer. There were no tricks. And Time has a feature article this week on what happens when computers become smarter than humans (which, at the current rate, would be in about 30 years.)
  • Someone commented a couple of times saying "Why does Egypt mean anything to me?"  Well, let a few more countries go down and have one of them launch an attack on Israel, and you'll learn very quickly what it means to you. 
  • Wise County lawyer the other day said that he thought "all that Egypt stuff was just some kind of pyramid scheme." (Insert WBAP Hal Jay wheeze laugh.)
  • Saw a guy on a small motorcycle on 287 yesterday going 55 mph and you could tell he was getting bounced around by the wind. Scary.
  • Wondering what ever happened to Marcia Clark?
  • I never watch NASCAR but I saw where Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the pole position last weekend for the Daytona 500 and then wrecked the car yesterday. Now he has to use a backup car and start at the back of the pack. That guy is a knucklehead.
  • The Intoxication Manslaughter case is still going on in Decatur. I really haven't had time to follow it but I did see a Messenger reporter in the gallery yesterday.
  • Girl attaches camera to her booty and films people checking her out. (Credit
  • Any comments about the No Body Murder Trial can be left on the post down below, but I'll say this morning that it's most disturbing criminal justice verdict I've ever heard of.
  • A very innocent and normal question that for some reason I find very intrusive: "Where do you live?"
  • How music has changed: Glee has had 113 singles on Billboard's Top 100 list in less than two years breaking the all time record of Elvis who had 108 over the course of his lifetime.