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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The  Messenger, on the second page of today's edition, has an odd story of a local high school couple who were married on Valentine's Day after they had had a baby together. It seemed to laud the guy for dropping out of school his sophomore year in order to earn money to support the child. Like I said: Odd.
  • Stolen tweet from last night: The Westminster Dog Show corners the market on chubby-legged ladies to run the dogs around the ring. (The competition was on TV last night.)
  • Best In Show is one funny movie.
  • For probably my criminal justice friends: Check out this memo from the higher ups at the Harris County DA's office to young prosecutors regarding a "trial competition". It's all about fun and games as they jack with people's lives.
  • The elder George Bush received the Medal of Freedom yesterday from President Obama. That man does not look well (and recall he didn't attend the groundbreaking for W's library in Dallas a few months back.)
  • Inflation (something we haven't seen in a couple of decades) seems to be slowly creeping in. During all the stimulus bailout (as well as the Federal Reserve's own money creating bailout), I preached and preached that you can't flood the money supply without that happening. Even an economic idiot like me could predict that.
  • John Wiley Price caught flak on the news last night for telling some citizens to "go to hell" during a Commissioners' Court meeting. I promise I meant to write in a bullet point last week that he had transformed himself into a 1980s wheels-off activist to the leader of the Democratic Party in Dallas County.
  • But if you saw Heather Hay's interview with him last night at 9:00, you would have sworn she was being mind-controlled by the national Fox News opinion makers. It was as though she was asking questions submitted by Bill O'Reilly.
  • And I'm surprised Price didn't jump her when she asked whether it would have been better if he "had just kept his mouth shut."
  • Although the funniest bit was Republican election judge, Rev. Bill Lovell, whining into the camera that Price had called him a "fat boy."
  • Just thought about old Dallas councilman Al Lipscomb.
  • I'll keep you updated on the Intoxication Manslaughter case that is going on at the courthouse. Sorry if I won't post comments that contains purported facts about the case.
  • I will point out this oddity: Normally the State and the defense get to strike 10 potential jurors with the remaining 12 jurors being comprised from the remaining jurors. But yesterday after a ton of potential  jurors were disqualified, there were only 23 left. Doing the math, if the defense and State both struck 10, there would only be three left and that's not enough. So what did the State do? They offered to go forward and exercise only one strike even though the defense got ten. That way we would end up with 12 jurors and the case could go forward.
  • And our Sheriff was on the jury panel. He didn't make it to the jury. 
  • "Houston - A model who had the world's biggest breasts has tried to commit suicide after doctors removed her implants."  I'm no psychiatrist, but I'm guessing she has some issues.
  • Mrs. LL had her second carpal tunnel surgery yesterday. Finally, finally a light at the end of the tunnel. But, man, she was out of it last night. 
  • Someone commented that the Egyptian people were inspired by the U.S.'s invasion of Iraq? Really? Not a chance. And those people may not be able to handle freedom after all.