Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It was a cleaning frenzy in my house last night. Yay! Benefits!!! (Then again, how did it get so messy in the first place?)
  • KFC pays college girls to wear pants that say "double down" on their booties to promote their crazy sandwich?
  • The local Fox weather guy this morning in reference to the "double down" story: "I'm not going to say a thing because whatever it is, I'll get in trouble for it."
  • The new kitten is bi-polar. We should get along fine.
  • That looked like a pretty good collision yesterday in Decatur when a couple of teenagers decided to run into each other.
  • Saw that Michael Douglas was on the cover of People with a headline about his cancer battle. Awful thought: What if he is overstating his health condition just to promote his new Wall Street movie?
  • That was one very intense and very brief storm that blew through Decatur yesterday.
  • The Shell convenience store across from James Wood Motors has to be the worst managed place ever. It seems like half the pumps don't have gas most of the time and several of the screens are absolutely unreadable. And it's been that way for a awhile 
  • Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy this morning.
  • Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis at movie premiere in same dress. (As in two dresses that look the same.) Still kind of hot.
  • Someone commented yesterday that there is no way that Dallas could beat the Houston Texans this weekend. No way? Hey, this isn't Baylor going to Austin. It's the NFL where there are no sure things. 
  • There was news yesterday that Fox had cancelled the new DFW filmed TV show Lone Star after one episode. That turned out not to be true, but most expect it to happen after the second episode. Short. Leash.
  • Dallas DA Craig Watkins is unveiling an ad attacking his opponent for representing someone on a felony charge? Really? 
  • "Rollback" Fail that I saw at Walmart last night. Edit: This will help.