Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I whining kitten is driving me crazy right now. And if you chew through that electrical cord I'll be seeing your skeleton like in a cartoon in a second. 
  • Just saw that a trooper was killed in a crash in Montague County last night. (I check my database and saw that I was in a hearing with him in 2003.) WBAP says it involved avoiding cow and being hit by an 18 wheeler on 287.  Edit: The newspaper in Bowie has some info.
  • Wow. Bleachers collapse at a Brazil race injuring 111. Video. (It's like falling dominoes of people)
  • I live in a house where 75% of its members are giddy over the Glee premiere tonight. What?
  • Is being a 23 year old NFL player who hasn't got on the field for his first two years due to injuries enough to kill yourself? Maybe so for a Denver Bronco yesterday. Good grief. 2010 is the year of the suicide. Edit: I stand corrected. He was placed on injured reserved last year but played a little before getting hurt.
  • Everybody got all excited about In-N-Out burger coming to 7th Street in Fort Worth. Me? Meh. (But that 7th Street development is really cool.)
  • Nine American soldiers died in Afghanistan this morning. Get. Us. Out. 
  • Hey, Tea Party folks: Christine O'Donnell will end up hurting your cause.
  • College football fans: Have you ever seen Crunch Time on ESPNU? Fantastic.
  • Yesterday Lindsay Lohan has a warrant issued for a failed drug test and Paris Hilton admitted to using drugs in open court (photo). What's happened to the women in my life?
  • Sportz: Reggie Bush has a fractured fibula and Jets Braylon Edwards got arrested last night on DWI. Fantasy Football owners panic across the nation. (I'm 2-0 in our Wise County league, by the way.)
  • For most of my life I've been a night owl --- rarely getting to bed before midnight. Over the last year I've made it a point to go to bed before 11:00 and shoot for 10:30.  It's made a world of difference.
  • And one thing I don't suffer from is insomnia. I'm fast asleep within five minutes of my head hitting the pillow. 
  • There's a crazy Twitter virus this morning. I think it's so bad they are shutting down the site. 
  • I may start using the New York Post for the "above the fold" feature  -- it's far more entertaining. (And I figured this one would please the masses.) I'm shocked -- absolutely shocked -- that Fox and Friends had her on this morning.