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Edit: I'm getting some reports questioning the suicide angle.


Blue Angel said...

How awful ! What is going on ? Is it the recession ? Everyone going under ? Will you put Jar Head back on your Blog list ?

Anonymous said...

how sad for the family.

Anonymous said...

This is really hard to believe, with him being the strong Christian man, that he was. He had a wife and two boys. Keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. Ned

Anonymous said...

Were Drugs or Alcohol involved?

Anonymous said...

Not such a sensitive comment 10:53 - Christians can have depression and suicidal thoughts too.

Yes, we should pray for the Winn family. I remember when his father Jack was County Judge.

He probated my mother's will.

Very very good families - all!

So very sad!

Anonymous said...

Let the countdown begin to poor Ned getting bashed for his "thoughts and prayers". Ned, remember that this is the new politcally correct America and you might have offended somebody by mentioning he was a Christian, and to keep the family in your prayers. You can't say stuff like that anymore, Christianity is a dirty word and now the liberal masses will pile on you to no end. Shame on you for pushing your religous views on the blogosphere, you better apologize because these folks can have their own views and spew their views all day with no offense, but the rules are not the same for Christians. To them it is more important that you not harm anyone with your dangerous religion and not so important that a man lost his life and his family might appreciate the thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

11:35 Last time I checked, one can both think and pray without talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead and bash all you care to. I have my beliefs and all the Liberals can spew as they wish.
My thoughts and prayer will still be with the Winn Family. Have a good day. Ned

Anonymous said...

When you start believing lies from the enemy, anything can happen. Suicide is and always will be the cowards way out. It is the ultimate act of selfishness. I believe that we are going to see a rapid increase of suicide because of the great pressure society is under. The materialistic priorities and lack of morality in this country are destroying it. This country was founded on the truths of God and when you remove Him from the equation the only direction to travel is down.

Anonymous said...

Where's the bashing about people who commit suicide?

Come on let's here from you idiots who clearly will never understand how a person can get there.

Anonymous said...

For all you Liberals who think it is unacceptable to mention Jesus or prayer or Christianity. There will come a day when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

CT said...

Amen 1:36!!

Anonymous said...

11:57, The last time I checked one can both think and pray and talk about it but the liberal weenies brand him as a right wing terrorist extremist nut job.

Anonymous said...

Um - there's not one so-called "liberal" comment bashing prayer on this link. Yet there are several comments responding as if there was.

You guys are defending yourselves from an attack that is only in your minds.


Here's a statement you can get all hot & bothered about that someone (me) is actually saying -

American Christians that say they have it bad, or are repressed in United States are seriously exaggerating. The number of Christians in USA who suffer because of their religion is negligible, even non-existent.

I am a Christian, but I am tired of all the misrepresentation and whining. If that makes me a "liberal" in your view, so be it.

And back to the original topic - my sympathies go to the family.

Anonymous said...

What if that day is on December 21 2012

Anonymous said...

Ted Winn was a classmate of my son and played center for the Bowie Jackrabbits. The Winn family is well respected within the community. It is so sad for everyone to lose someone so dear to all. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family.

Anonymous said...

3;39, obviously you didn't read earlier posts ( Brazier suicide) because those posts from Christians offering prayers for the family were indeed attacked. So, these folks on here are just preparing themselves for more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Riiiiiiight, 5:44 - get all defensive because of what was said previously, at some other time.

That's a good strategy. That way you can be defensive & sensitive 100% of the time.
Great way to live.

Anonymous said...

I am both a Christian and a liberal. While I have seen "Christianity" attacked in comments in this blogsite, those have been relatively rare. I have seen "self-righteousness" attacked far more often, and that is quite a different thing.

I had the opportunit to meet Judge Winn professionally on several occasions, and my impressions of him were very favorable. He was a good man, a good administrator, a good judge, and gave every appearance of being a solid, good-humored, level-headed guy. I find the notion of suicide here very difficult to believe. But whatever the case, my heartfelt sympathies to his family and frieds. May they take peace and comfort from whatever source they may find t.

Anonymous said...

9:55, I was simply replying to one's remark ("You guys are defending yourselves from an attack that is only in your minds.")

Why don't you take your sour puss, smart ass answer and shove it. People like you will start something with a fence post that looked a little crooked!

Christianity HAS at many times, on this blog, been attacked (mostly by Mzchief and her suckups) and if you or others haven't "noticed" it...well, that doesn't mean it never happened. Duh!

Go suck a lemon!

Anonymous said...

Why won't anybody pray for the niggers in Bowie. They are so out numbered .

Anonymous said...

The word "liberal" is not the opposite of Christian.

A Christian could be liberal, and many conservatives are not Christian.

Using the term "liberal" as someone who is against Christ is a rather un-Christ-like thing to do. In the Bible, Jesus never speaks against people of specific political persuasions. However, repeated He speaks against the religious right who believe that they can reach the kingdom of Heaven by obeying all the rules without showing love to their neighbors.

If a person is indeed a Christ follower, wouldn't he/she show unfailing love to all people: liberal and conservative?

My prayers are for the Winn family and to all who loved him.

Anonymous said...

5:27 -

"Sour Puss"? That would be you, not me.

My 9:55 post applies to your 5:27 post as well as it does to your earlier one. Same exact point. You continue to fight against posts that were made days, if not weeks ago. Do you always fight battles that are over and done?

Hey, I have an idea. Point out to me anything in your words or attitude that is at all Christ-like.

You still need to chill............
Or blow a gasket.

Your choice.

Anonymous said...

ohhh... you are a finger pointer... 12:12! One who says Christians must not become defensive or combative!???

Let me say AGAIN...Christians have been attacked here for Y E A R S. Got that? Understand? Comprende?

Why don't you read the Bible ...the part about Christ in the market place. Christians are not "passive" folks..... we are very strong and we don't back down when idiots try to tell us we are not behaving like Christ. We'll fight for him.... so take note of that!

Anonymous said...

12:14 - You are so funny - LOL funny.