Random Friday Morning Thoughts

(Bonus pic since the one below is apparently a repeat)
  • Is this a mistake? Jarhead's blog is open to the unwashed masses!
  • I rarely mention it but, Crazy Texas Mommy's blog is funny.
  • I'm driving a small U-haul truck this weekend. I expect tragedy.
  • A story that makes me cringe every time: Toddler run over in his own driveway in Saginaw. I cannot imagine.
  • Shocking Time cover this week.
  • Hottest weekend of year coming up. Then next week will be a beating as well.
  • You know, if you attach one of those broom stick handles to your paint roller, it makes your job a heck of a lot easier.
  • I mentioned the crash of Flight 191 at DFW Airport a couple of months ago but I was reminded this morning that it killed the driver of a car on highway 114 when it crashed. (It's the 25th Anniversary.)
  • The UIL tested 3,308 high school students last year for steroids. The results released yesterday: Not a single one tested positive. Can we stop the testing now?
  • Gary Cogill says Inception is the best film he has seen in two years. (The director also didMomento Memento so I bet it will make your head hurt.)
  • I'm craving home grown tomatoes. Are there any sellers in Decatur?
  • Richie Whitt ranks the Top 50 "Power Brokers" in DFW sports.
  • The Collin County District Clerk and a lot of her staff get indicted for Organized Crime? If every county employee were indicted for campaigning on county time, we wouldn't have much of a county government left.
  • Remember that NY Giants' receiver in the Super Bowl who caught the desperation pass from Eli Manning against his helmet? That was his last catch. Ever.