Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Dez Bryant balks at the concept of rookie hazing by refusing to carry Roy Williams' shoulder pads. Good for him. (But there is a heck of a split of opinion on this based upon radio chatter this morning.)
  • That Mineral Wells girl is still missing. That is not promising.
  • "Bring your dog day" to the Ballpark in Arlington doesn't look to appealing to me. At all.
  • Miami Heat Dancers tryouts.
  • I found free "Video On Demand" on my TV system which, after looking around, included Season Four of The Wire. After watching four episodes of it, I'm prepared to back off calling it the greatest drama ever after Season One.
  • And this week will be another year in my streak of not going to The Wise County Reunion.
  • Let's have a nice lunch at a NYC patio restaurant. Wait! Look out for that flying chair!
  • Watched a little of The Jersey Shore last night on MTV. Are all those reality shows the same?
  • I've got two pleas this morning where defendants' are going from bond to short prison sentences. Man, I hate doing that but it's the only realistic option.
  • Paris Hilton on a boat. She's still got it.
  • Cowboys open training camp and it's Big 12 media days this week. Good times.
  • One bird caused Kings Of Leon stop a concert over the weekend. They don't make bands like they used to.
  • Painted, mowed, and cleaned on Saturday. Didn't move much on Sunday.