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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Would you pay $106 million for this? The older I get, the more I'm convinced that the "art" world is nothing but a scam.
  • I stared at a lawyer at a license hearing this week because I was trying to figure out if he had on a toupee. Looked absolutely normal from the front and wheels off from the back. I'm still not sure.
  • The more I read about the mortgage crisis (and that's a lot), the more I'm completely convinced that the Community Reinvestment Act had nothing to do with it. It was greed, and greed alone, that caused mortgage lending at ridiculous standards. People weren't forced to lend billions -- that was a voluntary act.
  • Saw a prosecutor turned new defense lawyer at the courthouse yesterday who told me he was just "seeing how this works from a new angle." "It's easy," I said. "You go in that office and get beaten down, and then you change floors and go to a different office and get beaten down. That's all there is to it."
  • Honda has never had 0% interest or a rebate deal. (I could have sworn I heard that last night.)
  • That flooding in Tennessee, which is being overshadowed due to the oil spill, is awful.
  • I've said this recently, but I never have pleasant dreams. Three or four times a week I get to wake up and be thankful that it was "only a dream." (And their just weird: Had one this week where my dress shoes were sliced up.)
  • Cops raid a home and shoot the family dog with kids present all over a little bit of marijuana. Drives me insane. (Video.)
  • I write most of this between 5 and 6 in the morning.
  • Techy fun: Every now and then you'll see someone on Twitter try to send a direct message but accidentally send it to the world. Saw one last night that said, "I still love you, baby." Man, I want to know the story behind that.
  • Corey Haim died of "natural causes" the corner ruled yesterday. I'm always confused by that -- especially if you are young. You have to die of something? Right?
  • The Phoenix Suns will wear jerseys tonight that say "Los Suns" in protest of the new Arizona immigration law. Viva la basketball protest.