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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Ever since Texas went to #1 in the NCAA basketball poll, they have been awful. (They've lost 5 out of 7.)
  • The updates of Jenny (the girl in ICU -- see post below from this weekend) are excrutiating to follow. I appreciate whoever/whomever is doing it, but some of the information is really sketchy. And it gives rise to a great discussion of the purpose of prayer which is best left for another day.
  • Have you seen the forecast for Thursday? 80% chance of snow all morning and day long? Anyone else skeptical?
  • Crazy moment from the Democratic gubernatorial debate last night: Farouk Shami promised 100,000 new jobs within two years of his election or he would personally write the state treasury a check for $10 million. And he's got the money to do it. Deal.
  • "Gubernatorial" is a weird word.
  • Free breakfast at Denny's this morning. There's no way I'm waiting over 45 minutes in line for $5.00 worth of food.
  • If the NBA All Star game is such a big deal, then why is it being shown on TNT?
  • I was just a tad uncomfortable with the Doritos "keep you hands off my mama and keep you hands off my Doritos" commercial because the kid slapped the adult at the very beginning.
  • I got my haircut this weekend at a place a little above Super Cuts. Broken English Hair Cutter Person awkwardly asked me if I "had other people in my house." I told her no but she proceeded to tell me about a haircut "sale" next week anyway. She later asked me if my wife got her hair cut there. Huh? I lied and said, "I have no idea where she goes." Fail.
  • I don't like hair-cutting chit chat.
  • No one cares about the Winter Olympics, do they?
  • Ok, I've finally watch five episodes of Modern Family. Verdict: It's funny. Very funny. But it's really just a throttled back Arrested Development.
  • Drew Brees, the Super Bowl MVP, was at a Disney World parade yesterday. How much do you think they pay the MVP to do that every year? It has to be a fortune.
  • Regardless of your views on global warming, how can you think one huge snowstorm in northeast disproves it? (But did you see that D.C. is expected to get another 20 inches?)
  • Want to see what a crowded New Orleans bar looked like at the moment at the game winning interception?