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Debra Medina goes on nutcase Glenn Beck's radio show and leaves open the possibility that the government was behind 9/11. Wait. What? She, upon realizing she just committed political suicide, immediately issues a statement to try and convince us she's not a nutcase. (The "we should always question the government" angle was a nice touch though.) I don't know if the Tea Party folks support the statement on Glenn Beck or her retraction. But this is not a good day for the Medina Campaign. The story.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is goofy. Medina is riding an "anti politician" wave. She's well spoken (compared with the other two dolts) but her proposals are way over-simplified. I doubt Medina supporters will bat an eye at her dumb response.

Anonymous said...

So Medina comes off as a 9/11 truther and Beck is the nutcase? I have been listening to Beck for years..I haven't heard him say anything he didn't back up with facts and his book "Arguing with Idiots" is great. I know that disagreeing with liberals is nutty to liberals but that is their neurosis not his.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the poor folk in Texas will have another long 4 years of Perry unless he runs with Palin for the big prize.
Somebody help if that happens.
How about that Glenn Beck and his followers? Tea Party? What happened?

Anonymous said...

Mr.Perry, Let me be the first to congratulate you.

Anonymous said...

STFU dumba$$. It won't matter if Medina gets elected, or Hutchison gets elected, or Perry re-elected. WTH do you think will change? Please, by all means outline the new society under each one. Yeah, that's what I thought. Corruption is ingrained in our system at this point and the only way to change it will be Thomas Jefferson's saying of "from time to time the roots of the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants."

I'm ready. How 'bout you Hoss? (yeah, go ahead and roll your eyes and think, "man what a nut case!" We'll see you laughs last - wink)

Anonymous said...


The only ones that need to go are Obama, Reed, Polosi, and their crew.

We are doing fine in Texas, with conservative values, as compared to the rest of the country.

By all means, keep the damn "progressives" out of state government.

Anonymous said...

She never said that. She said that she doesn't have a position on that. And all that from the Dallas Inquirer. Meh

wordkyle said...

Best comment on the story: "I wish Mike Leach would run."

Anonymous said...

Oh we are doing fine in Texas. We balanced our current budget with 12Billion, yes 12 Billion of that hated stimulus money. Part of which was 800 dollars per year for school teachers.

Next budget will have to replace that 12 billion or cut those teacher back 800 per year plus other cuts.

And our current source of revenue, the sales tax is withering away at an alarming rate.

Yes, thos conservataive values are doing fine by us. Last quartile in education. Last quartile in those covered by health care. Last quartile in those with college education. However we are No 2 in teenagers giving birth..........that "wait till marriage." a wonderful sentiment, but it just isn't working in old redneck land any better than those good ole conservative values.

Let's evolve a little bit and move up to pragmatice values, fix what is broken even if we sometimes don't agree on how to fix it, pay for what we fix even tho we don't agree who gets taxed, and maybe even build a little infrastructure for our kids.

Step one: elect people who tell us the truth rather than rely on soundbites. Just affirming the status quo isn't leadership.

janneba said...

I think she did good.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is one of the most sane people in the country. You, on the other hand, are a typical liberal nutcase who can't stand it if someone disagrees with you. Being a lawyer only makes you even worse.

Anonymous said...

Love to see Medina try to roll back the property taxes in the state. They're outrageous.

Anonymous said...


Right there skippy...Move on up, just like MA or CA or NY or MI or any of the other liberal, progressive states who are bleeding jobs. Taxing their citizens to death so that people who create the jobs are LEAVING, and coming to Texas.

Great plan that.

You can keep that shit.

"And our current source of revenue, the sales tax is withering away at an alarming rate."

Mainly because your Obammy has inserted so much risk into the business climate, that the economy is shrinking. But Texas is still doing fine, balancing the state budget. And if Obammy is handing out money to the states, you damn right we want our share. Better would be that all states balance their on budgets.

Obammy is not "giving" us anything. Future generations are giving it to us. It is called DEBT.

"Yes, thos conservataive values are doing fine by us. Last quartile in education."

By what freaking standard?

"Last quartile in those covered by health care."

Horse shit. Anyone in Texas can get treatment, any time.

"Last quartile in those with college education."

Oh my! Must we all have a college education to suit you? F*ck off.

"However we are No 2 in teenagers giving birth..........that "wait till marriage." a wonderful sentiment, but it just isn't working in old redneck land any better than those good ole conservative values."

Why, because we do not murder our young before they have a chance to receive their constitutional rights? I would rather we have more teenage births, than more murder.


Anonymous said...

5:23 nice summary. Most on this blog won't get it but nice try. As for Medina (or anyone else) cutting the very high property taxes, fine, but what do you replace that income with? And don't rely on that cutting waste fraud and abuse. It's a tiny % and they never seem able to do it.

RPM said...

"Glenn Beck is one of the most sane people in the country."

Somebody owes me a monitor cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on nutcases, Barry...we still love you. Medina in the main, is not supported by tea party folks, Kay is too old and tired...Perry will do just fine where he is...a governor with little power.

Anonymous said...

Still voting for Medina unless there is proof she was lying about not having a position on 9/11. Perry has to go.

Anonymous said...

5:23 - Thank you for taking the time to throw in some facts. I have gotten where I don't even try any more. I appreciate your effort.

People like 10:59 just can't handle the truth. (And this blog is brimming with those kind of people.)

I like the way 10:59 didn't cite where he/she/it got his/her/its information, but when responding to you, he/she/it wanted to know "by what freaking standard."

You tried.

Something funny. I know 10:59 intended to call you a "dumbass." But it actually looks like he/she signed the post that.
Truer words were never spoken (or typed).

Anonymous said...

Wise County Legend!

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Based on that intervew, Medina;

a.) really does hold some suspicion that our government was behind 9/11.


b.) doesn't think the gov was behind 9/11, but wants to court that part of our population that are nuts and think this is true


c.) can't think for herself and as a result cannot speak off the cuff.

And as far as I am concerned, any of those pretty much drops her off my list of people to vote for.

Give me Kay in 2010. Washingtonite for the last few years? Yep. Better the Perry? Yep.

BTW - If you try and drop property taxes then please explain the alternative rev source for the State? I like our situation just fine, (especially when you look at other states income taxes.)