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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, my Blizzard prediction is coming true. Welcome to Awesome Town. Population: Me.
  • But I'm at my desk all suited up.
  • It is absolutely beautiful outside. And it's going to get beautifulerererer all day long.
  • Hwy 287 report: From Decatur to Rhome, not bad (except for that van rollover I saw). From Rhome to Fort Worth: Awful.
  • Thank you Decatur PD for not seeing me slide through that stop sign on FM 51 this morning.
  • Anyone else kinda freaked out by that anti-lock brake vibration?
  • I'm not sure what the status of all Wise County school closings is (see Messenger), but most are delayed openings until 10:00 a.m. That's dumb. if they don't shut down for today, why in the world do they shut down at other times? Edit: Between 7:30 and 8:00 most, if not all the schools went from "Open at 10:00 a.m." to "Closed".
  • Except Alvord ISD is shut down. I actually heard WBAP's Hal Jay refer to it as "Alvoid" this morning.
  • I think the word "meh" is funny, but I can never remember to use it.
  • Have you seen the mysterious "Miss Me Yet?" billboard with George Bush's picture on it? You know my answer, and it isn't even "meh".
  • Saw where a person on twitter says she is about to write about a "proposed sexual offender home near Crafton." I've never hear of a "sexual offender home."
  • There's an alleged Sports Illustrated cover curse which has been going on for years. Last week there was a "controversial" Olympic Preview cover featuring super hawt downhill skier Lindsey Vonn. She announced yesterday she's been injured and her participation in the Olympics is now in jeopardy.
  • Whatever happened to carpal tunnel syndrome?
  • The oftentimes quiet Wise County Courthouse is jumping today (if it is open): Jackie Murphree trial continues, the Grand Jury is expected to meet, and the County Court at Law has a full pre-trial docket. Trust me, there is no room up there for all that. Assuming it's all not canceled.
  • The boys on the Ticket estimated Troy Aikman's salary from Fox for his NFL duties between $4 and $8 million. That can't possibly be true, can it?
  • I committed the cardinal sin of buying different brand black socks over the last year. Now I have Sock Drawer Chaos.