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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Note: I've received reports claiming this is some lady from Boyd. I can assure you that it is not. But I'm very excited that someone in Boyd possibly looks like this.
  • It's a Chamber of Commerce morning here in Decatur: Pouring rain, lightening, and 40 degrees. Good times.
  • The Super Bowls sure have been good lately. Really good.
  • Probably the best moment came in the fourth quarter when play by play man Phil Simms said the Saints shouldn't blitz before a particular play. That was the play where they did blitz, Peyton Manning was rushed, and then threw the game deciding interception.
  • Sarah Palin had a cheat sheet written on he palm over the weekend. I'm not sure if that's really a big deal.
  • The Space Shuttle fired off again this morning. More money being wasted.
  • The Jay/Oprah/Dave commercial yesterday during the Super Bowl was really funny. Jay must have been doing damage control for his image.
  • If my home was still sitting vacant in the 9th Ward, I'm not sure I'd feel like a Saints win makes everything OK.
  • Armed military man outside of Super Bowl yesterday.
  • I like those E-trade babies. (Especially the one when they were on the plane.)
  • WBAP's Mark Davis likes homophobic humor?
  • Rick Perry has constantly run an ad dogging Kay Bailey for voting for the bank bailout under the Bush Administration. That's unfair. Even Bush was predicting, rightly or wrongly, that an economic meltdown if it were not passed.
  • So the federal government shuts down today in Washington because of Saturday's snowstorm. That means, the news tells me, 230,000 people stay home. Wow.
  • Holy cow: A dead man was found in the landing gear of a jet this morning that had flown from New York to Tokyo.