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Even I Can Appreciate This


Anonymous said...

barry, i'm glad you can find humor in that. i dont always agree with you but your blog dosen't dissapoint!! keep up the good work!!

take care

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Love it! I'm sure the majority of the liberal weinees are trying to get their pants up this week following the spanking in Mass. Hopefully they are putting up their billfolds, too!

Anonymous said...

I live in Mass, and you would not believe the number of democrats that voted for Brown (especially the elder folks who are dead against the health care bill).

Some advice for the rookie POTUS - never piss off the elder folks. They have a lot time on their hands to vote. Just ask Hillary Clinton...she was smart enough to abort (poor choice of words) health care reform when she realized the voters didn't want it.

Anonymous said...

Good points about older voters 2:28.......

..the health care reform is troubling to seniors who are happy with Medicare - they don't want it messed with...

..however, in general, party switching voting is nothing new - bottom line, it is "independent" voting - meaning folks think for themselves rather than let partisan politics dictate.

..and as somebody said once, Republicans and Democrats are just two wings on the same bird.

And that bird is fat with greed.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting that the elderly have their Medicare but don't want the young to have government health coverage. Just a little hypocritical, maybe? Yes, the Democrats have fouled this process but the Republicans have contributed nothing but NO. Now that's real cooperation in correcting the obvious problems in the medical distribution system. OK, Republicans, I hope you live long enough to get on the vile "government Medicare system" that you want to deny to folks under 65 years of age.

Anonymous said...

Boxers...typical liberal democrat. Repubs wear white briefs.

Double Fake Grape, from Fruit of the Loom

Anonymous said...

Probably the worst week ever to be a liberal weenie. First climategate meltdown, Scott Brown, The day Air America died, Freedom of speech restored and health care laid to rest with Teddy "The Swimmer." Hopey Obammy is failing right before their eyes. Ain't America great? But at least they got to raise their credit card limit another 1.9 trillion dollars.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it interesting that the elderly have their Medicare but don't want the young to have government health coverage. Just a little hypocritical, maybe?"

Hell no. Private insurance cannot write efficient insurance for older folks, because of the huge unknown risk of new treatments, life expectancy, etc.

Anything that can be done privately will always be more efficient that the freaking federal government doing it.

>Yes, the Democrats have fouled this process but the Republicans have contributed nothing but NO.<

Wrong dumbass. Repubs offered bills that would rip down state barriers so that policies can compete across state lines. Many states now only have two policies available. More options means more competition which means lower prices.

Tort reform. Get the trial lawyers hands out of folks pockets.

Allow individuals, small businesses, and trade associations to pool together and acquire health insurance at lower prices, the same way large corporations and labor unions do.

Give states the tools to create their own innovative reforms that lower health care costs.

These solutions will actually do something good, without placing TRILLIONS more debt on our children and grandchildren.

Pull your head out of your sorry welfare, socialist ass.

mzchief said...

To anonymous 6:26...
The elderly have Medicare because they have been paying for Medicare for the past 40+ years and STILL pay anywhere from $90. - $188. per month for Medicare.

I do not blame the elderly for not wanting younger people who have NOT paid for healthcare to have it at the expense of the coverage, due to cuts in coverage, of Medicare recipients. Incidentally, the majority of Medicare recipients have additional healthcare/Medi-gap policies that cost an additional $200-$400 per month to cover the cost of healthcare NOT payed for by Medicare.

People need to figure out, Congress REQUIRING people to purchase healthcare insurance does not bring down the cost of the insurance but it does assure that insurance companies would have MILLIONS of new policy holders. ObamaCare was another way for Congress to tax people in the upper 50% income bracket ($32,800+) all the while buying votes and subsidising insurance for the bottom 50% who only pay 3% of all federal income taxes collected but hold 17% of the wealth of the U.S. Keep in mind, people in the top 1% hold 19% of the U.S. wealth and, if self-employed, pay 50% income taxes and 40.42% of all federal income taxes collected.

People who will never be expected to pay for government hand-outs will always vote for handouts. Let that bottom 50% have some skin in the game, by way of paying taxes, and you can bet they would care how much money the government tosses around.

Just like the morons who are cheering on the POTUS taxing/fining/charging corporations/bankers and the like...The idiots have failed to STOP AND THINK that banks/corporations will merely pass on, to YOU/THE CUSTOMER the government charges. Anytime the government takes a dollar from a company it costs YOU/THE CONSUMER, more for goods and services.

SOURCE: National Taxpayers Union

Anonymous said...

6:26 It is not surprising that older Democrats in Mass who voted for Hillary in the primary, voted for Brown to defeat Obamacare that would fund health care for the uninsured through cutbacks for Medicare. The process was fatally flawed by meeting behind closed doors to make deals with big union bosses and deals to Senators in exchange for their votes. Mass is the cradle of our republic. The voters came out to save all of us. Obama and other Democrats can blame the vote on angry voters or a bad candidate and not change course. They failed to listen to the TEA parties and to the large crowds at the townhall meetings.

We can thank the people of Mass again for standing for freedom and pursuit of happiness. Big government run health care that favored big labor just to appease the Democratic base over the majority was wrong. One party rule is not balance of power planned by our founding fathers.

Anonymous said...

6:26 You are an idiot. You can't compare Medicare (which seniors have PAID FOR ALL THEIR LIVES...IT'S THEIR MONEY) to free government-run healthcare for the young and able who are just too damned lazy, indigent, or under-educated to pay for private insurance.

Anonymous said...

can't yall see it's all about giving the niggers free medical coverage..sad but true.