The Campaign For DA


Mind Bursts

  • Just saw a lady cry in front of her attorney in the courthouse hallway. His response, "Get it together."
  • No one wanted to hang around at the court docket with me because the thought I was sick. Or maybe they just didn't want to hang around me.
  • I think there's a DWI trial going on in the County Court at Law. I'll check it out this afternoon since I always monitor those things.
  • I got offered a "BC Powder" for my headache.
  • Heard a rumor that the DA's office may be close to making a decision on whether to seek the death penalty in the Stephen York case.
  • Just got back from the final pre-trial docket. Some Defendant's have the attitude of being scared to death. Others are like, "Screw it, they can't convict me of anything."
  • The news is reporting a 5th Swine Flu death in Dallas County, but he had "underlying medical conditions."