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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There's pressure to send in more troops to Afghanistan, but that situation has "Vietnam" written all over. The British couldn't win there. The mighty USSR couldn't win there. And Obama is smart enough to have learned from LBJ's mistakes.
  • With possibly thousands of Americans lives at stake, idiots like Sean Hannity scream to the masses, "Why can't he make a decision?"
  • After being sick for a day I amazingly felt great enough to jog outside last evening. I went a little slower simply to enjoy my ability to do so.
  • The DOW bottomed out at 4,600 but has risen 49% since then. This despite 1 in 8 homes being in foreclosure, unemployment at 9.7%, and a federal deficit of $7.46 trillion. (See how I sound smart when I watch ABC's World News Tonight?) Edit: A commentor pointed out that my math (from ABC) seems wrong at 49%. The story probably said that it has risen 49% from the point it lost 777 from one year ago yesterday. In any event, the "smart" thing is out the window.
  • Dallas Stars Ice Girls promotional video which includes girls in bikinis on ice with one uttering the always popular phrase, "Where's my pants?"
  • A couple had a little "happy time" in one of the bathrooms in the new Cowboys Stadium. (Uh, this link is not safe for work.) The funny part is that they are both wearing Michael Irvin jerseys -- that makes it a tender moment on, uh, the bathroom floor.
  • The former associate pastor of the mega Prestonwood Baptist Church has been sentenced to 7 years in prison as part of a plea deal. He pled guilty to soliciting a minor online who was not actually a minor but only the government pretending to be someone they are not. There sure is a lot of government pretending that these days to create crime.
  • The privates are going to be the downfall of society.
  • The lawyer gold mine in the 1980s were personal injury suits. Today, it's huge firms representing companies or individuals in patent infringement suits -- with most of them in a federal court in East Texas.
  • One guy on the list of The 100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas, Erich Spangenber, got rich by simply buying patents that he never intended to use and then suing companies once they infringe on them.
  • News all over the place yesterday of the tsunami in Samoa where "dozens were killed." I don't think we'll ever comprehend the massive tsunami of 2004 in the Indian Ocean where 230,000 were killed.


Anonymous said...

Barry you have made quite an inferential leap exclaiming that Obama is smart enough to learn from LBJ. We have yet to see any indication of him learning anything. He is arrogant enough to believe he knows everything. We have over 60,000 troops that need support now...pity he isn't one of them...he might see some importance in making a decision. Let's face it...he isn't used to making decisions.

Anonymous said...

Obama/smart = oxymoron

Anonymous said...

The "idiot" Sean Hannity is probably thinking like a lot of us why Obama can't take time to decide if he is going to follow through with his general's request to send enough troops to win the war. Of course, Obama has to go get the Olympics for pay back to his Chicago friends, including Mayor Daly, to make $$$$$$$$$$$ off of it at the taxpayer's expense. And Obama had to make the school speech, had to speak to the UN and go to Pittsburg. All while our soldiers are fighting a battle to kill the terrorists!

This war is not Vietnam. No group of terrorists ever came from Vietnam to crash airplanes into buildings, attack the Petagon and try to destroy the Capitol building.

Is Obama going to listen to the loony left, and Daily Kos or our military leaders? Are will he get around it and have a one on one conversation with the man he chose to win the war?

Sean Hannity is NOT the idiot; but the real idiot sleeps in the White House.

Danny Boy said...

The government is great at creating mass hysteria over something they knew wouldn't happen. The guy who wanted to bomb Dallas, had a brainstorm and the FBI wanted to see how much they could HELP him to see if he was bluffing. And yes Barry, Communist Russia is slowly creeping in. Welcome to 1984.

Anonymous said...

Obama is all about Obama so he will probably make the decision about sending 40,000 troops to Alghanistan to appease his base.

Staying in Alghanistan keeps our troops close to Pakistan that has 100 nuclear missles. Now how can we leave the region allowing the terrorists to get a larger base and think the world will be safe?

And when is Obama going to decide what do do about Iran? When Israel is headed over Iraq to bomb the underground site making WMD's?

Obama is not capable of being the leader of the free world because it is all about him. He has a narissistic personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

The DOW bottomed out at 4,600 but has risen 49% since then. (See how I sound smart when I watch ABC's World News Tonight?)
??? You would sound much smarter if your math was accurate. The Dow is almost 10,000 now. That would be up more than 100% if the bottom was 4,600 like you said.

Anonymous said...

too bad you like obama so much. And why the hate for the folks trapping online predators. Surely you should know that child molesters are everywhere. Maybe you need to have a couple of kids to get your reality checked.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't in favor of Vietnam...not a supporter of the war in any other country, including Afg. We should mind our own business...and don't try to connect this all to 9/11, because we all know that is just an excuse to butt in where we have no business.

Xanthippas said...

One guy on the list of The 100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas, Erich Spangenber, got rich by simply buying patents that he never intended to use and then suing companies once they infringe on them.

A patent troll, so only slightly less obnoxious than an internet troll. Unlike with internet trolling you can make a buck at it, obviously.

Anonymous said...

Sean Hannity isn't an idiot.....he is a whore. If he thought more $ could be his for tickling the ears of the idiots on the left, he would turn on a dime.

This war is much like Vietnam....we don't have the people on our side, the govt is corrupt and on and on.

The big difference, creeping communism (remember the domino theory?) isn't at play but terrorism.

It is sorta of fun the watch the nabobs scream about Obama not making a decision fast enough or on the idiots timetable.

I want him to think it thru.

Anonymous said...

Even before becoming president, Obama had accomplished more in his life than any of the republican morons that write in to this blog. Why don't you folks write about something you have experience with, like cow tipping or incest?

Iraq is our ongoing Viet Nam, so we need to come up with a whole new analogy for the screw-up in Afghanistan. The U.S. should immediately end all our wars and bring the troops home now. These are wars of choice, not of necessity, and aren't making this country any safer.

The "War on Terror" is just another way to make billions for the defense industry and guaranty campaign contributions for our corrupt elected officials (dems and repubs). It's really a war on the American people who must fight the war and fund the war. Sadly, the majority of folks are too stupid or too apathetic to know when they are getting f*cked.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says love like sex in a bathroom stall.

DF Ralph Feines

Anonymous said...

Amen, 9:03.

and 8:18, what those 60,000 troops in Afghanistan need is to be brought home. Which is also what LBJ should have done when we only had 60,000 in Vietnam.

And trust me, those 60,000 in Vietnam would have loved to have been brought home, just like the troops now in Afghanistan would love to be brought home.

We need them here, rebuilding.

wordkyle said...

Do we all get to use "we all know" to express an opinion? If that's the case, then we all know that Obama lies and deceives to sell the American public his plans. We all know that Obama was elected unvetted and that his inexperience and questionable judgment (if not outright bungling) are apparent in both domestic and foreign policy. We all know that many Obama supporters (if not most) are mesmerized by his charm and that no argument, regardless of how fact-based and clear the evidence supporting it, will prevent them from supporting and defending him and his decisions. And we all know that Obama is consulting Democrat accountants to determine which decision on Afghanistan will net him the most in political contributions.

We all know those things, don't we? (Hey, this is fun. We should play "We all know" more often.)

Anonymous said...

Damn...... She can play with my balls anytime.

Anonymous said...

Alghanistan is a killing field. The enemy has a distraction there, as opposed to NY or elsewhere in the U.S. When the troops come home, the terrorist will follow and it will be 911 all over again. As it is, we are attracting and concentrating the enemy in a foreign land.

Anonymous said...

8:30 & 8:51 "The Armchair Quarterbacks"

Obama is a "sensible" president and will not be bullied into making such huge decisions without knowing all the facts available about the "current" situation. Bush was nothing but a yes man "war cowboy" and didn't listen to anybody but "Cheney". That made a lot of sense, especially when Cheney is known to shoot his own friend! How can he direct a war when he can't even aim a gun!!!

Glad you're not in charge of our great country. I am certain there is a lot more to learn and know about the circumstances than what is being circulated to the public...

Sit back in your armchairs, relax, drink your beer and keep judging everybody else!

Anonymous said...

Well said, 9:18 and 9:21 (the second 9:21). Every time I hear the excuse for these "wars" is the 9/11 attack, I want to laugh because some people are so stupid they'll believe any line they're told. These are not wars of necessity. The last one of those was WWII. Never since has there been ANY conflict I would have agreed to be a part of or support. Had I been a male during Nam, I'd be a Canadian right now.

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Sean Hannity is not a news source. He is an entertainment source, that does his bit off of current events. And many lap it up like a cat does milk.

Readers probably get tired of my cries in the wilderness of Hard Right vs. Hard Left, but seriously... where are the inspiring leaders/mouthpieces/thinkers for all of us in the middle, who LEAN left or right, but desire civility with our FELLOW COUNTRYMEN?

The Rush's, Beck's, Hannity's, et al are becoming just as much of a beating to this conservative's ears as the far left's.

Moving along...

Afghanistan will not turn into another Vietnam.

I wish I was smart enough to speculate on patent infringement. Pretty slick.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Amen 9:03 too!

Anonymous said...

9:55...It is amazing to hear you say we just don't have all the facts available to Obama. Will you also admit you did not have all the facts Bush had? Are you sure Bush listened to no one except Cheney? I can assure you I would be more willing to listen to Dick Cheney than Rahm Emmanuel. I think President Obama is incapable of making a decision. He only does what he is told. Every move is carefully orchestrated based on a popularity contest. When every decision is based on his ability to be re-elected....we are screwed.

Anonymous said...

10:45 a.m.

You REALLY need to turn the channel and get the REAL picture of what's going on with our great President! When you glow about Cheney - that just sums it all up!


Anonymous said...

Get outta Afghanistan. Our military is weak and cannot win there. I am 100% sure of that.

chupacabra said...

Erich Spangenberg- truly one of the most dangerous people in the world as well as a disgusting lowlife.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello, pot?
Meet kettle!

turn the channel = stop sipping the Kool-aid

Anonymous said...

"Even before becoming president, Obama had accomplished more in his life than any of the republican morons that write in to this blog."

9:18 - really?? For one thing, all of the republican morons on this blog haven't been elected to run this nation, so their contributions/lack thereof mean nothing.

Secondly, name what Obama HAS done? His list is quite short, especially as a junior senator, he spent a huge portion of his tenure absent from Congress while he was campaigning. Barely there to vote for anything! Of course it wouldn't have done any good for him to be there. WE ALL KNOW (thanks Wordkyle) he's a puppet on a string and his votes are not his true convictions, but what the lobbyists tell him to vote!

Anonymous said...


"The U.S. should immediately end all our wars and bring the troops home now. These are wars of choice, not of necessity, and aren't making this country any safer."

Don't look now but you just made a conservative argument.

Who's the moron again?

Anonymous said...

In hindsight, perhaps my earlier statement about drinking the Kool-Aid was a bit too PC. I guess I should have said "stop sipping the purple drank."

Anonymous said...

11:15....I said I would be more willing to listen to Dick Cheney than Rahm Emmanuel. Does that really constitute glowing? It says much more about the disdain I have for Rahm Emmanuel than anything else.

What I know about our president is that he is putting up smoke screens while this country is going to hell in a handbasket. In order to be able to say he did something about this health crisis, he is willing to indebt this country far deeper than it already is. We can argue all day long about who is at fault but does it make sense to continue to make the problems worse? The health care crisis in this country is actually pretty simple. You have a bunch of people who want health care but are not willing to give up their stuff to get it. If they can't pay their premiums, medicaid will take care of them. They have to be willing to spend their dollars first, get rid of their second car, etc. Isn't that just a matter of priorities? In many cases, the only reason a person is not on medicare is they are unwilling to file the necessary paperwork.

Anonymous said...

RE: the fun couple at Cowboy Stadium.

Bet that the gift shop in the stadium starts carrying Dallas Cowboy brand condoms next week. Jerry will find a way to make a dime off this if anybody can.

May have to re-think that Party Pack offer.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Obama is too busy trying to bring the olmpics to Gangland to make any decisions about the middle east.Chicago is barely safer than Juarez O M.Talk about a dumbass.What did that cost the taxpayers?He is such a media hog that I would'nt be suprised to see him behind the barriers on meet the people.DAGO