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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Elizabeth Smart's father has always struck me as odd. (She testified yesterday regarding her abduction years ago.) And I'm still not sure she's not in a state of zombie shock. (My own trademarked medical term.)
  • Maybe I'm getting old, but I watched more of the National Parks special last night on PBS. Great stuff.
  • The Fort Worth Weekly has its 2009 "Best Of" edition out this week. But I don't know where to find a hard copy of it anymore.
  • I love any "Best Of" edition.
  • Had an impromptu picture taken last week. The person holding the camera told me to "suck in your gut."
  • The Olympic location for 2016 will be announced today (Obama is overseas working his magic on behalf of Chicago.) I think it's cool when the head of the Olympic committee makes his announcement and the screen is divided with a camera on the crowds in each of the finalist cities. (If that makes sense.)
  • I've said it before: Those Bill Curtis commercials for AT&T Internet services are weirdly uncomfortable.
  • Fox 4's Dan Godwin is really beginning to get on my nerves.
  • Michael Jackson's autopsy revealed he was 5'9".
  • Holdout Michael Crabtree has now proven that he's the dumbest man of America. I don't ever remember a drafted NFL player not signing and then going back into the following year's draft. Who would touch him next year?
  • I ran across four goth kids while jogging yesterday. One was an angry female teenager with jet black hair, black eye shadow, and a I-Hate-The-World attitude.
  • This week I met what might be the hottest 40 something in the history of ever.
  • MzChief's comparison of the FBI's stopping of the teenager from "blowing up" a building in Dallas to cops stopping a guy from killing me didn't make sense. (It's in the comments under yesterday's Random Thoughts.) That hypothetical arrestee could actually do what he planned. The Dallas teenager could not.
  • Fell asleep last night to Sarah McLaughlin singing live on Austin City Limits. Nice.
  • Just released: Unemployment is now at 9.8%. That's up from last month. This Recession isn't over yet.