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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • After watching the Cowboys on Monday night, I was reminded how much ESPN's Chris Berman sucks the life force out of me.
  • Walked by a pharmacy in a grocery store last night and saw the longest line ever.
  • I've never had a flu shot.
  • GM's Saturn line was going to be sold to Penske, but not anymore. That line of car is officially dead.
  • I like the words "strong cold front."
  • I'm surprised we haven't broken out into a crazed Swine Flu Panic.
  • Sarah Palin's new book is #1 on pre-orders on Amazon? Do we need to know anything else about the state of America?
  • I've stopped watching DVDs.
  • This blog got mentioned in jury selection on Tuesday by a potential juror in the Wise County Court at Law. That also got the person struck off the panel by one of the lawyers. (I wasn't there.)
  • Some people start off everyday with a Facebook update of, "Everyone make it a great day!!!" I'm not one of those kind of people.
  • Did you know Marion Barber left the stadium on Monday night after he was told he wouldn't play due to injury. Then Wade Phillips lied to the media about it on Tuesday.
  • I'm still amazed everyone thinks the arrest of the 19 year old "terrorist" in Dallas is a huge victory on the War on Terror. Don't you think if the Feds dedicated a krillion dollars to monitoring white supremacy chat rooms they could at least find one teenage idiot who, after weeks and weeks of coaxing, would agree to park a free fake car bomb at, say, a Grambling State game?
  • Ken Burns has a new series on PBS about our National Parks. I blew by it last night and got sucked in for about 45 minutes. Now I'm mad at myself for not visiting even more of America.
  • If you like high school football screw ups, I've got a doozy for you: Fast forward to around 1:20 if you don't want a big set up. Man, oh man.
  • China had a military parade yesterday. Wow, they are impressive. And I think Vegas would make them the favorite in a war with us.


Anonymous said...

If you want to be on the jury on cases discussed on this blog, you will have to lie if you read it or you will be cut. You could not come to a fair decision.

American likes Palin because she is real, truthful and has a pioneer spirit. Conservatives believe you don't live or expect to benefit from the efforts of others. Spreading the wealth is not in her vocabulary.

If we can stop a Muslim wanting to kill Americans before they can bring a building down in Dallas, then let's stop them. The same thing was when a Wise County woman was stopped from hiring someone to kill her lover's wife by a sting operation. If it is different, please explain.

Anonymous said...

I have been recording the Parks series on PBS. They are so interesting.

Anonymous said...

vaginal slice born born?

Anonymous said...

Barry...what makes you think there was "weeks and weeks of coaxing" of the illegal immigrant terrorist?

If you are of the opinion the guy acted're drinking kool-aid.

It's not like the FBI goes out soliciting terrorists.


Kip said...

8:34 I agree. And while we are at it, let's spend a bizillion dollars cajoling tea-baggers on wing-nut sites into harming the president. When they agree, we arrest them. Should be easy to remove a few unstable idiots that way. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Crazy high school football play. And what's up with the "Brand new" field? Looks like someone's horse pasture. I guess football isn't a religion in some parts of the country.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the high school football player who spiked the ball! Hope that doesn't haunt him the rest of his life. "It's just a game, man!"

Kip said...

8:38, I'm sorry, but they do. I am sure that by trolling radical sites, we can stop a few terror episodes, maybe, but for the most part, these are just idiots in their parents basement in Karachi, bragging to their friends. I think that when and if we are struck by terrorists again, it will be much more sophisticated than " im n ur base, killing ur doodz lol", and I hope that the FBI are trying to stop them. I want them to put more effort into that than some asshat with his hat turned around.

Anonymous said...

china would never 'pull' a vietnam, or a korea, or an iraq , or an afganistan. nope . never.
only the great US of A. would send their 18-19 yr. olds over there to die for no reason. no reason at all. nothing accomplished cept killin a very very few 'enemy'.

Kip said...

Please, please nominate Sarah. Hell, I may even switch parties so I can vote for her in the primaries.

Gracious One said...

I never have had a flu shot and definately will not have live virus put in me. I plan on reading Palin's book and people who are on Facebook all the time really have no life but live through others. I would love to visit all 50 states before I die, our country is beautiful and Ken Burns has done well.

Danny Boy said...

8:34, don't be stupid. If the goverment found out that a 5'3
140lb white guy wanted the U.S. border to be protected better, they would go ahead and provide me the gun and fake ammo.Then they would arrest me for a hate crime and attemted murder. LULAC and the Mexican government would picket my kids schools, church and home and label me a racist and un-American. You see, the government is monitoring all of us to see what we are thinking (Minority Report) and then seeing if they can coax us into acting on it. When someone finally takes the BAIT, they claim a victory.

I do have to apologize for yesterday, I said welcome to 1984. We are there yet, so today is 10/01/1983. 1984 is just around the corner. George Orwell is laughing from the grave.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the Chris Berman thing - beat. down. Period.

Could the long line for the pharmacy have been in the Wally-store? The lines in there are crazy long. I quit getting scrips there, it's reedonkulous

So mentioning this blog gets you struck off a jury panel, huh? Figures...mentioning this blog will likely get you "struck" in lots of other situations, too. nyuk nyuk!

China as the favorite? Well, I predict some early first quarter bombs! Take that Vegas oddsmakers! Yeah, I bet their interceptor missiles can't even get off the ground, cuz everything they make is full of lead
But first, I wanna know how the Startlegram's Rusty the Steer picks this one. C'mon, Rusty, thaaat's it...Plop!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Kip - we don't want your kind in our party

Anonymous said...

The Penske thing never made sense. He was proposing buying the brand and some back inventory. No interest in the Tennessee plant, except as a third party supplier. Going forward he would buy his future inventory from various manufacturers.

Buying a car is not yet like buying a lamp from China-Mart. You want to know there is an established manufacturing and parts inventory base behind that purchase. Not the Sham-Wow guy.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

Good for you Barry.

The same cops who get their jollies in chatrooms pretending to be preteen girls get hired by the FBI to play pretend-sting terrorists.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to be a "tea bagger". I am sure that it would beat being a tea baggee.

Anonymous said...

i think kip has coffee breath.

Anonymous said...

bring on the slant eyes

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kip on both postings. The feds have to hype this terrorist victory because they want the good publicity. There are so very many other, more dangerous ones out there, that when they get any type of victory, they want to get the most bang for their buck. I agree with Kip that when "they" want to get us, they'll come at us with a lot more than a teenager in a basement, and all the best efforts of Uncle Sam won't be able to intervene.

Secondly, Sarah sound pretty damn good after considering the next 3 years and the potential for catastrophe. I've always liked her and still do, as do many others, obviously, by the demand for her book.

Goober said...

How long before Otter Valley puts a "turf" field to a vote? I bet that would fix all of their problems!

mzchief said...

* I have never heard of Chris Berman.

* I had the REAL flu about 20 years ago. I was so sick and weak I stayed in bed for 2 weeks. It took another 2 months for me to fully recover to where I could stay awake past 8:pm and not have to take a nap during the day. I have had a flu shot every year since then and have not had the flu since, even though my Mr. has had the REAL flu 3 times in the past 20 years. The REAL flu is truly incapacitating. Last week I received a shot for the seasonal flu at Wal-Greens in Trophy Club. There was no line. I will NOT take the, rushed to market, vaccine for H1N1. Anytime the government, preemptively, absolves the manufactures of the vaccine from any liability for any side-effects/complications incurred by the recipients of the vaccine, that should be a red flag to everyone.

* When Saturn was introduced it was suppose to be the salvation of GM. Perhaps, the ditching of Saturn should be taken as a sign of what should happen to GM.

* People have educated themselves about H1N1 and are no longer buying into the hysteria stirred up by the government. H1N1 has approximately 1/2 the mortality rate of the seasonal flu. Face it, the current administration has lost all credibility with the majority of Americans.

* Thanks for the heads-up about mentioning The Blog as a means of getting out of jury duty.

* FaceBook is the playground for voyeurs and shut-ins. The carebears, on FaceBook, who are always spewing rainbows and gumdrops make me want to barf.

* I have never heard of Marion Barber.

* Let me see....Someone sets up a "Kill Barry Green" forum and some 19-year old shows up spewing hate and vitriol about BG and expresses a desire to be the person to Kill Barry Green...(Here comes the part that is a real stretch)....There are members of law enforcement who want to stop someone from killing BG so they work for months building a rapport with and the trust of the 19-year old. Just to make certain the 19-year old is serious and not just blowing smoke out his arse, as is the habit with a typical 19-year old, law enforcement provides him with a van he believes is packed with explosives that will detonate when he dials a specific cell number. The 19-yr Barry Hater parks the van next to BG's car and when BG walks out the back door of his office, opens the driver's door to his "family truckster" the 19-year old Barry Hater dials the number in an attempt to detonate the explosives in the van...Hmmmm...I'm thinking the 19-year old Barry Hater just tried to kill BG.

* I love the new PBS series about the national parks. I have been to Grand Canyon, Redwood Forest, Mount Rushmore, Yellow Stone (Prior to the fire) and Niagra Falls. If you can only see one, see the Grand Canyon and go on a raft trip.

* China would kick the snot out of the U.S. in a war. China could not care less about collateral damage and civilian casualties. Oh, there is that little matter of China having the world's largest standing army of approximately 2.5 million troops with a paramilitary police force of approximately 1.5 million personnel.

chupacabra said...

It would be a slugfest with China.

There soldiers are still one step up from the peasantry but, the NCO leadership is better than ever and their officers- are good.

Their tanks may number 2 to 3 times ours but, are nowhere near the quality. And yes, every real, all out ground war forever more will be armorcentric.

Combat experience still means alot and we have more than any other modern military.

They already engage heavily in cyberwarfare and satellite jamming and are very sophisticated at both.

I've got a bad feeling also we might not win that theroretical war but,I simply don't know- are we believing what they want us to believe as far as their strengths and improvements over the years?

Anonymous said...

Chris Berman's comb-over is way out of control. Doesn't he make enough money for transplants?

Kip said...

mzchief, I agree with you (wait...what?) on the seasonal flu thing. I have heard too many people talk about having the flu and then they are OK the next day. Bullshit! I had the flu about 15 years ago and let me tell you, it knocked my **** in the dirt. Body aches and fever. Since then, I get a flu shot every year. (mist this time)

I don't agree with your assessment on the H1N1 vaccine. The way they made this one is the way they make seasonal vaccines. I have heard that MOST cases of H1N1 are not that bad though, so you might be OK w/o it.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

China's military is very pretty. But, can they fight?

Fake General Pinkley Number Two

Anonymous said...

When I went for jury duty they asked if you had a blog? If you read any blogs? Which blogs you read? So I had to say I read this one and no I didn't get picked for the jury but I really don't think that was the problem but of course it might have been. The trial wasn't for something that had been discussed on here at that time but it was later.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I don't own any rental property in CREEPY HOLLOW!!!!!

Anonymous said...

America is a colony of China, a place to sell products and obtain raw materials. Now they have all these dollars that they are loaning to Obama for his programs. One day they will want more control and will have the military to take it.

Anonymous said...

Great to know about the jury duty deal, as I would HATE serving on a jury. Mz is just right on the H1N1vaccine, folks. I work in health care, and they have failed to mention the significant portion (I believe the number was 18%) of those involved in the trials of the vaccine had SEVERE REACIONS. At least one (who was in this area) actually died as a direct result of being in the trials. You can't believe everything the good ole' US of A government puts out there. Trust me, if you ask the majority of the physicians I work with, few recommend this vaccine.....the government has really missed it on this one.

Anonymous said...

China doesn't have to fight us in a war..they just have to stop buying our debt. ....they win, we lose.

mzchief said...

To Kip...
The novel H1N1 vaccine utilizes some fairly questionable adjuvants as well as a higher than typical level of mercury. At least one Dr. is willing to go public with his concerns regarding the novel H1N1 vaccine.

In the U.S., more people died in 1976 from complications of the H1N1 vaccine than died from swine flu. There were 500 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome directly associated with the 1976 vaccine resulting in the vaccine being taken off the market within 10 weeks of introduction. Due to the complications suffered by thousands of people, the U.S. government was required to pay millions in compensation. Clearly, the government has learned a lesson which, most likely, accounts for the government, preemptively, protecting the manufacturers of the vaccine from any liability.

I originally posted this link on The Blog on August 25, 2009 and no media outlet or government entity has done anything to refute the claims in the article by the Daily Mail.

Kip said...


My html is failing me but here:

Are you an anti-vaxer, or just an anti-swine flu vaxer?

Anonymous said...

I am a nurse and most practitioners will agree that the seasonal flu shots are safe. The components are not live viruses and have no capacity to make you sick. However, the H1N1 is a totally different animal, and it uses not only mercury, as Mz says, but also the live virus. It is not safe, or that's what most of the physicians I'm speaking with think. Most of us in this facility plan to take our chances with the H1N1 virus, which is generally very mild, vs the really scary possibilities for complications with the vaccine. The seasonal flu shot is a good idea, though.

mzchief said...

To Kip...
As I stated in my 10:01 comment, I have taken the seasonal flu vaccine every year for the past 20 years. I believe in vaccinating children but with SAFE vaccines. Twenty-plus years ago I refused to allow my son to be vaccinated with the standard, live virus serum, polio vaccine. I opted, at great personal financial costs and trouble, for my son to be given the inactive polio vaccine. Approximately 10 years ago, due to the high risk of catastrophic complications, the live serum polio vaccine is no longer, routinely administered to children, in the U.S.

My point is, everyone needs to THOROUGHLY investigate vaccines, for themselves, and make the personal determination whether or not the current vaccine is right for themselves and/or their children. As pointed out in the situation with the live serum polio vaccine, the government does not always know/do what is best for everyone. It costs more and requires boasters for people to use the inactive polio vaccine, however, it is virtually, risk free.

BTW...Seasonal flu vaccine is made with inactive/dead virus, whereas the novel H1N1 vaccine is made with LIVE, albeit weakened, virus. I will take my chances with contracting H1N1 rather than with having the LIVE virus with mercury and other questionable adjuvants intentionally introduced to my body.

Anonymous said...

I am SO SICK of being branded 'racist' if I don't agree with King Obama! Come on, folks....smell the roses!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to go to the titty bar?

Gary said...

I hate to just say it...but Sarah Palin is clearly an idiot. I can think of 100 people (both male and female) I would feel more comfortable running this country. While her book might be interesting, she is in no way qualified to run a small business, much less America.

Good night, and good luck.

Also, China would probably completely destroy us. I read somewhere that if China lined up a thousand across and walked into the ocean, that given the birthrate and size of population, it would continue forever. Change the ocean to an M-60 and you see the issue.