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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • After watching the Cowboys on Monday night, I was reminded how much ESPN's Chris Berman sucks the life force out of me.
  • Walked by a pharmacy in a grocery store last night and saw the longest line ever.
  • I've never had a flu shot.
  • GM's Saturn line was going to be sold to Penske, but not anymore. That line of car is officially dead.
  • I like the words "strong cold front."
  • I'm surprised we haven't broken out into a crazed Swine Flu Panic.
  • Sarah Palin's new book is #1 on pre-orders on Amazon? Do we need to know anything else about the state of America?
  • I've stopped watching DVDs.
  • This blog got mentioned in jury selection on Tuesday by a potential juror in the Wise County Court at Law. That also got the person struck off the panel by one of the lawyers. (I wasn't there.)
  • Some people start off everyday with a Facebook update of, "Everyone make it a great day!!!" I'm not one of those kind of people.
  • Did you know Marion Barber left the stadium on Monday night after he was told he wouldn't play due to injury. Then Wade Phillips lied to the media about it on Tuesday.
  • I'm still amazed everyone thinks the arrest of the 19 year old "terrorist" in Dallas is a huge victory on the War on Terror. Don't you think if the Feds dedicated a krillion dollars to monitoring white supremacy chat rooms they could at least find one teenage idiot who, after weeks and weeks of coaxing, would agree to park a free fake car bomb at, say, a Grambling State game?
  • Ken Burns has a new series on PBS about our National Parks. I blew by it last night and got sucked in for about 45 minutes. Now I'm mad at myself for not visiting even more of America.
  • If you like high school football screw ups, I've got a doozy for you: Fast forward to around 1:20 if you don't want a big set up. Man, oh man.
  • China had a military parade yesterday. Wow, they are impressive. And I think Vegas would make them the favorite in a war with us.