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Still Dazed And Confused

Seeing this more and more:

Local, state and federal law enforcement officers raided another massive marijuana-growing operation early Monday in northern Navarro County.

The marijuana plants, some up to 10 feet tall, were growing on the top of levees along Chambers Creek, Chief Deputy Mike Cox of the Navarro County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release. Agents from the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Narcotics Service and the federal Drug Enforcement Administration also participated in the raid.

Please make note, in 2009 we still have local cops, DPS, and the DEA all get excited about weed. (Navarro County surrounds Corsicana by the way.

They cops estimated the dope (along with other nearby marijuana busts) as being valued at $31.4 million. Subjected it to a 6% sales tax and you'd have $1.884 million dollars.