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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Nothing makes you value good health like being sick.
  • I don't know when I started it, but I've got this crazy belief that apple juice will cure me. So no matter how bad I feel when I get sick, I crawl to the grocery store to buy a ton of it.
  • I feel guilty staying home even when I'm sick.
  • The feeling of "I've got to lie down" when you're trying to eat anything is not-a-good.
  • The Iranians launch another test missile. Cocky little son-of-a-guns.
  • I had the craziest dreams last night. They included flying over a mountain lake with only a boat sail, stumbling on the equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah in the basement of the Tarrant County Convention Center (basement?), and struggling for 30 minutes trying to type of a broken keyboard.
  • Those pictures of people floating up to their necks in the Philippines' flooding are pretty shocking.
  • The Cowboys look like an 8-8 team. And Tony Romo looks beaten down.
  • If you like neck tattoos on girls (and who doesn't?), Denton Police have one for you.
  • Did a Decatur man die over the weekend while working on a A/C unit?
  • Crazy metroplex story yesterday: A sport utility vehicle slammed into the side of a day care van loaded with 20 children. The van had a capacity of 15, the driver was 20 years old and without a driver's license, and the SUV driver didn't have a license either.
  • The new (which debuted yesterday) has stolen at least three writers from the Dallas Morning News. They are dropping like flies over there. Edit: Just saw they fired back by re-hiring baseball guru Evan Grant.
  • Did the 14 year old girl in Tarrant County die of swine flu at Cook's or was it pneumonia? They are still deciding. But it was sad to see the dad agonize over her death showing frustration at not being able to help. "That's my job."
  • And her symptoms seemed just like the run on the mill flu. Scary.
  • Ticket Talk this morning: The new Cowboys Stadium is built east to west -- isn't that going to cause an issue with player vision with the setting sun on late afternoon games?
  • I don't feel too confident in seeing news footage of school maintenance workers scrubbing down desks and counters with one rag.
  • Captain "Sully" hasn't flown since landing the plane in the Hudson?
  • I kind of cock an eyebrow at anyone who refers to Muslims as "those Muslims."