How Microsoft Lost Its Way

I heard about this about three weeks ago (through a nerdy tech podcast because I'm nerdy like that), and saw the video about a week later. I dismissed it at first but the strange attraction of the Internets keeps drawing me back to it. Microsoft will soon release Windows 7. The best minds in the marketing business decided that it would be a good idea to encourage "Windows 7 Parties" and, in conjunction, Microsoft released this promotional video to get the job done. I can't say I've watched the whole thing, but it's mesmerizing in a horrible way. The jerky camera. The cross section of America. The overly happy participants. The dialogue which has never been spoken in at any party anywhere. Apple is now making a computer that you can hold in your hand (the iPhone), and Google can pretty much replace Windows Office with Google Docs. The future does not look bright if this is any indication where Microsoft wants to take us. (Or, alternatively, the heck with all that. You might want to watch Conan bust his head instead.)