Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • A mass murderer flying under the media radar: 10 bodies have been found in and around a sex offender's home within the last week. I may a couple of references to Jeffrey Dahmer and look what happens.
  • Man, Fox News was giddy last night about a spare Republican winning a spare Governor's race in Virginia saying it was an indicator that "America was rejecting Obama's policies." Puhleeze. It's Virginia.
  • And the GOP did lose a Congressional seat in New York. That might be a little more important.
  • Dirk had 29 points in the 4th quarter last night. Don't care.
  • Matthew McConaughey is 40 today. Hear that ladies? 40.
  • I'm pretty sure this most boring trial in the history of ever is going on in the District Court in Decatur right now. Something about whether a bridge is public or private and whether the county should be responsible for maintaining it.
  • I just look at the lawyers involved in that case and wonder if that's what they envisioned for their lives.
  • Not much noise about the Bridgeport/Decatur game this year.
  • Still not sure about the new Fox 4 Good Day girl.
  • When the news reports that constitutional amendments "passed with flying colors" what exactly does "with flying colors" mean?
  • There are always wet/dry alcohol elections to legalize the sale of the stuff, but is there ever an election to convert a wet city to a dry city?
  • Weird: Three college softball players go star gazing and end up drowned in a pond in their vehicle.
  • Awkward moment when a little kid decided to run beside me in a park two days ago while I jogged. What should be a refreshing and cute moment was ruined as I feared his parents were watching him with concern because he was running alongside a stranger. Cute kid though. Looked like a little Forrest Gump whose leg braces had just fallen off.
  • More on the death of plaintiff's lawyer John O'Quinn who died in a traffic accident after missing a flight: "O’Quinn called . . . at around 7 a.m. to say he was on his way [to the airport] and to ask [fellow Plaintiff's lawyer] Christian to see if Southwest Airlines would hold the flight for him." Really? Hold a flight because you are running late?
  • The Jacksboro Sheriff's Office have a "Search and Seizure Sergeant"? Not so sure about that.
  • A jury in Fort Worth is struggling in the guilt/not guilt phase of a capital murder trial. Used to be, if the State wanted the death penalty they would get it. Now they struggle with even getting a conviction.
  • Junior Miller on The Ticket yesterday described his running of the New York City marathon on Sunday. Man, that sounds like a great experience.