You're All Out Of Order!

[Video Should Be Embedded Here. But since it's not working, here's the link.] Since I'm pretty much an expert on justice (little known fact), I got distracted by the crazy facts behind this Assault In The Courtroom '09 video. A girl is dead because she went out with friends, drank to the point of alcohol poisoning, and also froze in a parked car. And the two ladies that go out with her are being charged with a crime for that? Say what? All you take-personal-responsibility-right-wingers have got to be with me on this one, right? I mean, the family suing the bar, or the alcohol companies, or her clothing manufacturer would make perfect sense, but for the State to charge these girls criminally? Get out. (And, as the video points out, there are two defendants. The defendant that was not attacked by momma was the momma's other daughter.)