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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Noticed that the commercial for the new Disney movie Old Dogs, starring the beat down that is Robin Williams, has a scene where a guy gets hit in the crotch with a golf ball. And that makes the preview. Idiocracy, we are headed in your direction.
  • I'm not saying a word about Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity last night other than they both would be great in the so called War On Terror. Why? They would suck the life force out of any human.
  • Ok, I lied. Let me say that I thought they were going to make out at any moment.
  • Fort Worth motorcycle death yesterday.
  • Faithful reader [name redacted by request] emails me to say that he saw Sheriff David Walker on TruTV last night in connection with the runaway 18 wheeler theft a couple of months ago.
  • A Wise County jury convicted a guy of DWI yesterday for driving under the influence of prescription medication. Yep, that's illegal.
  • They are starting up another DWI trial again today (amazingly, I'm not involved in it.) This one involves a driver who allegedly had a breath test of .23 (wow) with the defense being, "You can't prove I was drunk when I was driving." (It sounds mildly entertaining.)
  • Both of the cases involve Fort Worth defense lawyers that never come to Wise County. I think that's nuts. I'd never go into, say, Eastland County, without the help of someone who knows the judge, prosecutors, office staff, local customs, and the "feel" of the county.
  • A woman tried to run across six lanes of northbound traffic on Stemmons Freeway by the AAC this morning. To no one's surprise, she didn't make it.
  • The Cincinnati Bengals have a 41 year old cheerleader. Kinda hawt.
  • I was in the stands at Kyle Field during a torrential downpour in 1984 when Baylor beat A&M. Little did I know it would be the last time The Baptists would win in College Station. (They play this weekend.)
  • People's Sexiest Man Alive announced this morning: Johnny Depp.