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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • If posting is a little slow today, try to find forgiveness in your dark hearts: I've got friends in from out the Northeast and I have to entertain.
  • I hate entertaining.
  • Having people in your home makes you clean like nobody's business.
  • And this is some pressure: What do you show folks who have never been to Texas before?
  • My agenda so far is: The 6th Floor Museum, the new arts district of downtown Dallas, Cowboy game, Water Gardens, North Side, Angelo's, Joe T's, Turtle Creek Area, the restaurant where Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones were photo'd for the first time (they are Cowboy fans), downtown Fort Worth, Gaylord Texan (?). Any suggestions are welcomed.
  • They were amazed that you had to pay at DFW Airport just to pick some one up.
  • But it's funny how the chain storing of America made them think at times they had never left home at all.
  • Took them to a Tex-Mex restaurant last night and they loved it.
  • Even though the table beside us got liquored up and smeared birthday cake on one another.
  • Distracted: I love Tell It To Tim on Fox 4.
  • I wish I were The Today Show's Matt Lauer.
  • I bet that New Moon movie sets box office records this weekend.
  • One of the stars in the movie is on The Today Show as I type this. He's 17 and treated like a rock star. (And the third movie in the series has already been filmed?)
  • I'm amazed the Pete Hart story in Chico got so many comments.