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Giving TCU Props

  • Heck of a turnout at ESPN Game Day yesterday. Good job.
  • The ESPN boys all wearing cowboy hats at the beginning of the show was an instant beat down.
  • Did Chris Fowler say they were at TCU's "new campus"?
  • At least Jeff Sagrain's computer rankings (which I've always believed were dead on), puts TCU above Texas (but the poll he has to submit to tbe BSC is different for a reason I'm not sure I understand.)
  • I went to downtown Fort Worth last night just to see what it was like after the game. Good times.
  • The perfect scenerio would be for TCU to play the Florida/Alabama loser in the Sugar Bowl. Let's see how good they are. (Yeah, a national championship appearance would be better, but I don't see that happening.)
  • And now for the best Game Day signs. (Example below.) Edit: Link fixed.