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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Tuition for TCU goes to $30,000 a year next year. I think I've figured out why the Common Man doesn't readily jump on their bandwagon.
  • The roof of Reunion Arena comes down today which is a bummer because the course of the Dallas Turkey Trot, which I run every year, goes right by it. I kind of wanted to see it in its current huge coffee table form.
  • The Fort Worth Court of Appeal reversed one of those DWI "No Refusal Weekend" blood draw cases last week, but the facts were so wonky I don't think it is very significant. But it sure scared the heck out of prosecutors when it was first released.
  • We haven't had a good Wise County public official scandal in a long time. Somebody needs to step up.
  • From the I Couldn't Care Less Department: President Obama bowing to the Japanese Emperor.
  • My dry cleaning lady now wants to talk about what I wear on weekends.
  • I don't know who the Republicans can possibly find as a presidential nominee for the next go round. Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin. Mike Huckabee, based upon his radio "show", might be an actual hillbilly. the governor of Louisiana freezes when a camera comes on. and Mitt Romney has the baggage of the right wing believing he is a cult member because of his Mormon faith. Who is left?
  • And I only saw a couple of seconds of Palin on Oprah. I didn't feel emotionally strong enough to sit through it since I misjudged the impact of seeing both of those women together.
  • I still don't understand how the conservative talk show hosts refer to 9/11 as an "act of war." An act of war declared by what country?
  • Cowboy Hot Sports Opinion: The loss of offensive lineman Marc Columbo is so huge that the wheels might fall off this team.
  • (Side note for my lawyer buddies: Google is getting into the free Texas legal research business. Quick link.)
  • Something very weird about my dreams: The always involve something bad happening to me. I mean, I never awake from one of them and think, "I wish that were true."
  • For some reason, I'm going to the the Redskins game this weekend.
  • The 86 year old owner of the Tennessee Titans shocked everyone this weekend when he flipped the "double bird" in front of TV cameras. Yeah, that's bad, but is it worth a $250,000 fine by the NFL?
  • After several awful football seasons, the Chico ISD let coach and athletic director Pete Hart go last night. Uh, and they wrote him a check for $75,000.