The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • One horrible thought about the 9/11 masterminds being tried in open court in New York: Nancy Grace's coverage.
  • Watched a bit of a DWI trial in our County Court at Law yesterday - odd case. No alcohol, prescription medication only, and a hot DPS chemist from Austin testifying.
  • Slowly becoming my kryptonite: Fox and Friend's Gretchen Carlson. (And she used to be at KXAS, channel 5, locally?)
  • Why do I watch so much of Fox News if I hate it? Because I love watching things that irritate me. Really.
  • That freeze warning for last night might have been prematurely issued.
  • I got disturbed yesterday when I looked at a friend's wife's Facebook page and she was kissing another guy with the the caption "I love this man!". Then I noticed her status wasn't "Married" but "In a relationship". And then, after much searching, I couldn't find any reference to the husband on her page. I don't think that is a good sign.
  • Probably Joe Duty's best pic from Boyd's playoff loss last week.
  • Do they still have that fraud of fraud's "Who's Who" book for high school students?
  • This seems wrong: Seven Dallas criminal judges have hired the DA's wife as a political consultant.
  • Legislation introduced yesterday would require those killed at Fort Hood to get the Purple Heart. Any congressman have the guts to vote against that? And must everything be politicized?
  • Anybody else get tense watching the footage of Reunion Arena coming down yesterday? Did it seem like they had no idea what they were doing? (Great youtube clip of it.)
  • Hot weather is irritating. Cold weather hurts.
  • Today's top story in the Messenger above-the-fold is the resignation of the two guys from the Boyd Fire Department. For the life of me, I don't understand why this is a big deal and the story doesn't even hint at why it should be.