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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The "trouble putting on condiments" Budweiser commercial is pushing the limits, isn't it?
  • 2012 made $65 million over the weekend to lead the box office. I guess the world really is coming to an end.
  • Guy drives a krillion dollar car into a Texas lake. Accident? Video.
  • My entertainment chasm between college football and pro football is growing. If it weren't for Fantasy Football, I might not watch the latter.
  • I always hate it when someone uses the phrase "the latter" or "the former."
  • Unfortunate Longhorn name.
  • There was a "breaking news" post this morning in the Update about the chief and assistant chief of Boyd's volunteer fire department resigning. Unless there's a heck of a back story, why is that important?
  • Tony Romo's weird hat looks cool when they win and goofy when they lose.
  • The conservatives are upset about trying the 9/11 mastermind in a federal court in New York? What's to fear?
  • The Blind Side movie looks like it might be a little too "perfect." Take in a troubled youth and it's all roses with a wildly successful ending?
  • All the TCU hoopla on Saturday would have seemed more legitimate if a really good team had come to town. That 20 point favorite thing bugged me.
  • The commercial where the family each points the TV clicker/changer at each other is kind of funny -- at least when grandma walks in, shakes her head, and then leaves.
  • I missed most of the crazy New England/Indianapolis game last night but watching the Bill Belicheck press conference afterwards was tense. (He went for it on 4th and 2 deep in his own territory when he was ahead by 6. It failed. Badly.)
  • I cleaned the house like crazy this weekend - from the garage to the baseboards to the bathrooms. It's oddly satisfying to do that.
  • Horrific: A 17 year old girl backs over her toddler brother by mistake in Oak Cliff. I hate, hate, hate those stories.
  • The TCU two finger bent hand symbol is a little goofy. But maybe it's because I haven't seen it a whole lot in the past.
  • A clerk in a convenience store asked me this morning if the Cowboys won last night (as I was looking at the front page of the paper). She couldn't possibly have cared, right?
  • Yep, I know, a little football intensive this morning.