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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm not a scary movie fan, but I've heard a lot of good buzz about Paranormal Activity.
  • Another reason baseball whips me: I watched the end of the Yankees/Twins game on Sunday night and the Twins changed pitchers four times in the top of the 9th before a run was even scored in the inning. Pitching change = commercial = channel change.
  • Cowboy thought: Bobby Carpenter is the sparest of the spares.
  • A Wise County man was indicted for cock fighting earlier this year. Whatever happened to that case?
  • Sports commentator that beats me down: Joe Avezzano.
  • After spending more than two years in jail, this guy was sentenced in Wise County to 19 years in prison last week by agreement.
  • There's going to be a Saw VI? How many ways can you torture someone?
  • BagOfNothing grabbed some pretty neat pics from U2 last night.
  • There's a new "Tim Cole Panel" forming to suggest judicial reform to prevent the conviction of the innocent? That's easy: (1) Don't believe anything the prosecutor says - make him prove it; (2) If you have a doubt about someone's guilt, and that doubt is reasonable to you, don't vote to convict.
  • It was Hispanic Week (or something like that) in the NFL this week. To celebrate, the first penalty in last night's game was announced by the ref in Spanish. The crowd booed in response.
  • Texas A&M vs Texas Tech will not be on TV next week. Incredible.
  • It looks like something is seriously brewing in health care reform. How do I know? The medical insurance companies came out against it yesterday. They've been mysteriously silent up to know now --- they must be worried.
  • "Texas Highway Patrol troopers seize 5,408 pounds of marijuana in fake school bus near Laredo." LaTeeDa. (Pic, by the way.)
  • Speaking of, at about 6:00 p.m. yesterday I saw three troopers furiously searching a truck on 287 outside of Decatur. It was a beaten down pickup -- you don't see them search nice cars very often.
  • I love the backlash that Rush Limbaugh is receiving in his bid to by the St. Louis Rams. You can't be a shock jock and then expect everyone to ignore the idiotic things you have said.
  • Funny moment in the district court yesterday when, after his name was called for docket, an inmate wasn't with his cellmates in the seats. "We'll find him," a jailer said. "We probably accidentally took him back." The Judge Fostel responded, "I hope that's what happened."
  • Can someone hook me up with these Yankee tickets? I'm good for it. Promise. Maybe.