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A Little Stop Down Moment

Stephen Wren is an attorney here in Decatur. I guess he can best be described as a good guy, straight arrow, or any other similar term. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a heck of a sense of humor or wry wit. I've known him for years and even tried an incredibly emotional case with him about four years ago. That being said, I heard that he was having a bout with cancer a couple of months back. Shortly thereafter he began showing up in court with less hair certainly due to that battle. Other than that difference, you would never know he was having a struggle. His spirits were high. His attitude good. His mind on his work. One thing I don't do is pry. I'm never going to ask an intrusive question because I'm a big fan of the concept of being left alone. But tonight, in his effort to alert others to the dangers of male breast cancer (yes, male breast cancer), he appeared on Fox 4 News. It's a message for all those who would have never have asked "what happened?"