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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • For Gov. Perry to declare Cameon Willingham guilty of murder yesterday is crazy. How does he know? He's doing damage control (he can't have an innocent man executed under his watch, can he?) and looks bad doing it.
  • The Dow closed above 10,000 yesterday and has increased an amazing 53% since March. Blame Obama.
  • There was a guy from Nigeria yesterday represent himself in a traffic ticket case in the courthouse who told the jury that it was a racial issue. That ended with a "guilty" by the way.
  • I would have enjoyed being a computer programmer and, oddly for my current gig, that was my major in college.
  • I swear I saw an AWACS plane heading towards the old Carswell Air Force Base yesterday.
  • Our County Attorney got tasered at the Sheriff's Office (voluntarily) with his shirt off. There are pictures. He has them. I've seen them. I'm begging him to let me post a couple of them. You guys would like to see that, right?
  • Motorcycle death in Dallas last night (no link yet.)
  • SMU is offering holders of a Texas/OU ticket stub the chance to see its night game against Navy for $10. Good luck with all that.
  • When I posted the Stephen Wren story two days ago, I decided I wouldn't post any negative comments. I only had to reject one which was a generic negative comment about lawyers.
  • I don't understand the obese football coach. You preach discipline, dedication, and hard work but you can't control your own appetite? Especially when you are surrounded by athletes?
  • Somebody reported this ad in the Wise County Classifieds as offensive. I don't think so.
  • The previews for "Where The Wild Things Are" creep me out.
  • Random number: One year tuition for ivy league Columbia Law School is $48,004. I thought that was outrageous, but a full time student at Texas Wesleyan Law School in Fort Worth is $26,000.