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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The F-22 program was cancelled yesterday with one of the reasons being that fighter was made primarily for mid-air combat ---- and that really doesn't occur any more. Hadn't really thought about that.
  • If you heard about the civil suit alleging sexual abuse against Pittsburgh QB Ben Rothlisberger and you want to see what the accuser looks like, here ya go.
  • My Radar Goes Off When: Any girl claims sexual abuse but doesn't contact the police and instead files a lawsuit wanting money.
  • I'll be anybody's friend on Facebook. Then I feel kind of creepy looking through their photo albums to find out what their life is like.
  • Is "Gospel Singing Night" at the Wise County Reunion really a big crowd pleaser?
  • A guy named Kelly Hildebrandt gets on Facebook and finds a girl named Kelly Hildebrandt. So what do they do? They get married. Odd trivia: The guy caught one pass in his career as a receiver for Texas Tech.
  • I once dated a girl for six months that I met on the Internet.
  • In today's Messenger, there is a large photo showing 10 or so beds lined up on a the porch of a cabin at the Reunion grounds. No way I'm doing that.
  • Somebody use The Google for me: When is the next time we'll see a full solar eclipse here in Texas?
  • I ran into a lot of people in bad moods yesterday.
  • Still haven't seen The Hangover although lots of people tell me I should.
  • Probable Texas ponzi schemer R. Allen Stanford did a publicity stunt in Houston last May when he and his lawyer walked down to the Federal Marshal's office in Houston to "turn himself in" when they knew there wasn't a warrant. Seemed stupid to me at the time since you really don't want to taunt the feds. (They have since got a warrant and Stanford sits in jail being denied bond.)
  • There actually was a guy named "Ponzi" for whom "Ponzi Scheme" was named.
  • It was almost impossible to find salsa in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Ponzi used to live around Balsora ? Or was it Gibtown ?

Anonymous said...

Gospel singing - hey Barry, LOTS of folks like that type, especially those a bit older. It's just good four part harmony - very theoretically sound and rhythmically good.

Makes ya smile!


Anonymous said...

The reason we didn't need air-to-air combat in the invasion of Iraq is because our air-to-air combat was so effective during the Gulf War that the Iraqi pilots refused to fight.

We will absolutely need the F-22 in all of the most likely future scenarios:

North Korea
Chinese invasion of Taiwan

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes and Yes. Good work this morning. You've set the bar high for the afternoon pick me up.

Chris said...

North America will have a total eclipse on Aug. 21, 2017 and will last 2 minutes 40 seconds.

The Old Farmers Almanac.


Doug said...

Check this out

It will be 80% here, but you don;t have to go far for the total.

Jarhead said...

"A guy named Kelly Hildebrandt..."

I found a guy on Facebook with my exact same name [well, almost... his middle name is John and mine is James]. Anyway, I sent him a message saying "It's obvious that we should be friends." and he replied "Totally." that was the last I corresponded with him.

I also am friends with a guy in Vermont who has the same name as my son.

"I once dated a girl for six months that I met on the Internet."

Internet people scare me.

"I ran into a lot of people in bad moods yesterday."

That sucks. you have to deal with angry people all day long on your blog ~ you should at least have some respite in the "real" world.

There are a lot of pissed of people on this planet.

Anonymous said...

Ponzi scheme - wasn't that where "the Ponz" attempted to jump a shark on his motorcycle?
(What a shark was doing on my motorcycle, I'll never know! - tip o' the hat to Groucho)

Yeah, the air-to-air combat thing pretty much played out after the rest of the world got their arses handed to them by good old 'mericun-made F-15s and F-16s, piloted by capitalist kids from down on the farm that still believe in mom, baseball, and apple pie. I guess parity would have made for better job security, but sometimes you just can't help yourself
Oh, by the way, rest of the world -'re welcome!

Actually it was the gal named Kelly Hildebrandt that found the guy of the same name on the interwebs, not 'tother way around

You ran into a lot of people in bad moods yesterday, but what were their dispositions before running

If you couldn't find Salsa in Mexico - did you try entering it into your GPS?

Anonymous said...

wow barry - i'm kinda offended if you accepted me as a friend on facebook, and think my life is creepy ?????

Anonymous said...

Hell yes! What better crowd pleaser could you ask for than to listen to a bunch of drunks singing gospel music.

Anonymous said...

You reeeeeally need to post more photos of that gal in the middle.

Anonymous said...

duh- all the salsa makers are on this side of the border.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

me too, 8:55. But I will admit I looked at Barry's photos too.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to talk with fighter pilots about the F-22 debate. Much of it boils down to: Do we spend money on the F-22 and cut back on training (relying heavily on technology), or do we use that money to maintain and improve existing planes and increase pilots' training (relying on existing technology plus skill)? The fighter pilots I've talked to say they can shoot down anything in sky with their current planes, provided they stay sharp with lots of training, and money for training gets diverted to programs like the F-22. Quite the conundrum. I'd love to see the jobs stay at Lockheed, but when the Sec. of Defense and the military say they don't need more F-22's, perhaps our tax dollars are better spent elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

We just returned from Cozumel and the first thing we did when we left the airport was go to On The Border and order sweet tea and eat some actual hot sauce

Anonymous said...

What college did R. Allen Stanford, the biggest crook ever from Texas, attend?

Please let me know where evil is taught?

Anonymous said...

9:47 is correct. It is a conundrum.

I recall at the beginning of the air war in Vietnam, the Phantom was outfitted solely with missiles because experts said that dog fights were technologically dead. No machine guns on planes needed. We discovered in short order that this was not the case. Hence, a cobbled together gun pod was hastily added to the plane and Fightertown USA at Miramar came into being. Then the the F-15 came along and experts said no lower cost simplified fighter like the F-16 was needed. Ask the Israelis how well the simple little plane has done over the decades.

My point is we need both - technology and simplicity, training and innovation. Very dangerous to put all eggs in one basket. I think the wiser course would be to keep the production line going while reducing the numbers. And still invest in training.

Final thought. The A-10 Warthog proved a pretty important plane to the ground pounders, yet fighter jocks lobbied hard for its elimination. Just a little history.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

i went to a bunch of TT football games when kelly hildebrandt played. i noticed that everytime he went into the game it was at full speed. he always played his heart out even though he didnt catch many passes. he was a white kid who didnt have the ability that alot of the recievers had but he definetly had the most 'try'.
he probably would have started for a&m or baylor.

Anonymous said...

On the F22 - Yes, it is the Secretary of Defense and the Air Force who say we don't need the F22. It is the congressmen from a zillion districts all across the nation who have parts of the plane built in their districts who think we need more. Who do you suppose knows more on the subject? BTW - for every hour of F22 flying time, it takes some 80 hours of ground maintenance. The current costs to operate this plane are huge - and it has no realistic opponent now or in the foreseeable future. The Air Force doesn't want this plane so why build more?

Anonymous said...

Good points, MOBD. I might add that the every fighter pilot I know who has flown against the F22 says it is no contest. They say that plane is crazy good and can take out whole flights of Hornets or Eagles or Falcons before they know what hit them. It is an impressive plane, no question. And you are correct: the A-10 has proved remarkably well-suited for places like Afghanistan. Ugly but tough.

chupacabra said...

The loss of the F22 program hurts. As in friends and neighbors-so I understand but, it was opposed by 'in the know' people from the BEGINNING due to cost and lower anticipated future use for its intended mission. They said the same thing that's true now- upconfigure existing aircraft and spend money on training AND prepare for the true next generation of aircraft. There was and is also something to be said for using balance of funds to buy even more proven aircraft for possible (likely?) big hot conventional wars.

The F15 in American hands would smoke N Korea, Chinese and Russian aircraft/pilots like a cheap cigar.

The Israeli comparison concerning the F16 is a valid point.

The A10 was more or less phased out due to it's vulnerability and little more. The ground forces did not have- and were unlikely to procure a system that could give A10s reliable low and mid altitude protection from enemy anti air capabilties. As I recall it's losses accounted for 70%? of shoot downs in the Gulf War. Watch videos of shootdowns of aircraft during the Russian V Georgian war recently- all I've seen are the Russian groundpounder equivalent to A10.
Signed: Your Double Fake Janes Defense Correspondent Wise and Parker Counties Offices

Anonymous said...

Actually BG...Girl Kelly found Guy Kelly.

RPM said...

I'll take what's behind door #2!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to comment on the girls? Well, let me jump right in...


But why does the girl in black look like she's not having as much fun?

Anonymous said...

Funny how guys always get distracted from the hot gals by talk of cool, destructive toys or politics. But, inevitably, their focus always returns to the scantily-clad ladies.

-Your Average Male Brain Cell

Anonymous said...

We do not need any more fighter jets. We are in debt like a mofo. We need to cut expenses. Duh!

And we not going to get in a war with China. Nor are we going to get in a war with North Korea. If for some reason we do end up in a war with these countries, we will do what we did in WWII and mobilize and begin building at that time. We don't need to spend billions of dollars building planes and stupid training missions.

Anonymous said...

We don't need any Gospel singing at the Reunion. Jeez...its the Reunion. Thats like the Southern Baptists choosing Las Vegas for its convention.

Anonymous said...

What happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas! Aint that right, Brother Green?

Anonymous said...

Anytime there is clearance between the Boob and the shoulder underneath the strap, you have a winner! Congratulations on this post (talking about the girl in the middle).

Anonymous said...

"I ran into a lot of people in bad moods yesterday." One word explanation - OBAMMY!

Anonymous said...


Triple Fake Ponzi

M-M said...

Obama wants Lockheed to develop F-22's that are powered by rubberbands or rechargable batteries or something green like that.

That baby in the Rothlisberger accuser photo is what they call a face-off in hockey.

Anonymous said...

Can't tell, fake, real.

Anonymous said...

ref: girl in the could land a small plane in those babies. but you'd just bounce off the runway!

Anonymous said...

you must have been in district court yesterday alot of bad moods there especially the ring leader