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Talking Health Care

Since I'm still not back to my Award Winning Blogging self (since I haven't posted an afternoon pick me up), I thought I'd bring this up. The other day, I was talking to a couple of conservative ladies in Decatur who were in favor of some type of nationalized health care. It wasn't about politics to them, they just wanted to be able to afford medical care when they or their family members get sick. If it requires something new and different, then so be it. They had had enough. And Obama might be able to pull this off because he understands this better than those that scream "socialism!!" until they are blue in the face. Case in point, today he said:
"Just the other day, one Republican senator [Sen Jim DeMint] said -- and I'm quoting him -- 'If you're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him,'" the president recounted at an event at the Children's National Medical Center in Washington. "Think about that. This isn't about me. This isn't about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking up American families, breaking America's businesses and breaking America's economy."
Ouch. I've said it before, we "socialize" (in one way or another) schools, police and fire protection, highways, parks, the military, social security, and some utilities (water and sewer). I don't know why so many freak out when we think about adding health care to that list.


Daniella said...

*starting the slow clap*

I was in San Antonio this week, and had the wonderful opportunity to observe a real-live protest to "Obamacare." People were dressed in the American Flag from head to toe, as if somehow supporting a change in the way medical care is organized is unpatriotic. They shouted "No socialism for America!" And I heard one man explaining how the downfall of the American Economy, stockmarket, and morality would all be tied back to this one issue.

I tipped my sunglasses down to the edge of my nose, thought about taking a picture, and headed to the riverwalk to drink my sorrows away.

Anonymous said...

If we socialize our health care, where will Canadians go to get theirs? I don't want some fat minority union desk rat telling me when and where to go when I need health care. It's all about Uncle Sammy Obammy. Why is trying to shove this down our throats before August when we've had a chance to read the entire bill? It's because the longer time goes by and we understand it, there will be a backlash just like there was when Bush tried to shove illegal amnesty down our throats.

Anonymous said...

Moderate Democrats may sink this one...

Anonymous said...

Obammy's teleprompter misspoke. It meant to say, "This is about a healthcare system that WILL break up American families, break America's businesses and WILL break America's economy."

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the concept,and yes I am conservative. However, having dealt with medicaid and medicare I have no confidence in the government to manage such a system. I have seen the systems around the world and with populations as large as ours his concepts have not proven effective. While President Obama has tried to make adjustments the basis of what he is trying to do has not worked.

M-M said...

I do think it is about him, it's all about what He can and will do. Power.

After what he has done in six months and what Bush did in his eight years, he wants to blame our current health care system on breaking America's businesses and the economy? You've got to be kidding me. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Very good comments Barry!

Those who can AFFORD to pay their premiums to insurance companies (both Dems and Repugs) are OUT OF TOUCH with the rest of Americans who cannot afford to do so.

"Out of touch" is denial in the worst form.

These folks should be forced to go sit in an emergency room and see what really goes on.


Anonymous said...

Why do so many Canadian lawyers come across the border to get medical care in the U.S.? Why take the best medical system in the world and let some Kenyan tell us why we need to abandon it and turn it over to the government?

Anonymous said...

I have an honest question for you, Barry, and I truly do not know the answer. A couple of times over the past year or so, I seem to recall you having dental emergencies-and I believe you got in to see you dentist quickly. Do you (or anyone else here) know what would have happened had you been Canadian (and in Canada)? Or British?

mzchief said...

I grew up in the U.K. and the reason the elderly in the U.K. are healthy is because the weak and sick die prior to getting old.

The U.S. does not need public healthcare. The U.S. does need healthcare insurance reform. One thing the U.S. desperately needs is for much of the past legislation written with the help of the insurance lobby to be overturned and declared price fixing and price gouging. Hospitals and doctors should not be allowed to mark up by 500+% the cost of an injection to patients who are self-pay.

The U.S. needs to close the borders and REFUSE to provide non-emergent healthcare for the nearly 20 million illegal aliens, currently living in the U.S.

As for stopping Obama. I hope to Heaven something stops Obama and his spedaholic democrat buddies.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying people that can afford to pay their premiums never have to go to the emergency room?

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing the conservatives saying something along the lines of, "Do you really want a bureaucrat managing your health care?"

If my choices are a bureaucrat or a private health insurance company that is profit driven (meaning the more care they provide, the less they make) then I will take the bureaucrat every time. People don't seem to understand that these insurance companies are FOR-PROFIT. They DO NOT have your best interests in mind. All they care about is making their quarterly bonuses bigger.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:42, I have insurance and I already have someone telling me when I do and don't need medical care, giving me a small choice of people to provide it, and then telling me which medications I can take or the ones I CANNOT afford to take. I'm one of the lucky ones. Both my kids have lost their jobs and cannot afford COBRA so they are uninsured. Something beats nothing. And I'm in one of those "high" tax brackets that ought to be screaming.

Anonymous said...

I think we ought to have nationalized health care for everyone 18 and under or 22 and under if enrolled in a four year college then anyone over 65 and under insured!

Let the system alone for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I can't afford a good Lawyer, but maybe the system will give me a real winner.LOL Do you Barry want your Mom and Dad treated at a socialized (Govt ran) medical facility? "Back in line you old folks, you'll get treated tomorrow morning, when we reopen"

Hippocrates said...

to 6:31: So, because some receive their healthcare that way, your solution is to mandate that everyone does it that way? You join those that resort to demeaning name-calling of those who disagree w/ you, and betray your envy. You are "out of touch" with the lessons history teaches us, and apparently believe that the reason govt-run healthcare has been unsuccessful all over the world is because the right people haven't tried it yet. Why do you think Congress has excluded themselves from the plan?
to 5:42: You make some very good points, ones that the proponents of govt-run healthcare have no answers for, and therefore simply ignore. Too bad you hand them the ammunition they desperately need to respond to you by including the demeaning characterization of the President and the govt worker. It allows them to continue to avoid discussing the otherwise valid issues you raise by simply discounting you as an idiot, and therefore unworthy of engaging in debate.
Daniella: Do you believe that advocating capitalism, and opposing ever-increasing socialism is a dumb thing to do, or just the WAY those you saw were doing it?
Barry: The fact that we socialize some things in our society, doesn't mean we should socialize healthcare, or any thing else in particular.

Hippocrates said...

One more thing: "I don't know why so many freak out when we think about adding health care to that list."
Barry, many reasons have been given for opposition, some of them presented very rationally, without anyone freaking out at all, and I have not read your repudiation of a single one of them.

Silicone Alley said...

f@*k Obama!!

Anonymous said...

Health care is a scarce resource. Just like any other scarce resource, there must be a system to dole out that scarce resource.

It is also a growth industry, at least now, and in the past. Researchers and doctors come up with new drugs and treatments, believing they may get a reward for it. IF that reward is limited, then there is no reason to come up with medical advances.

This is one of the major reasons for the rising costs of health care. There are more treatments available now, than in the past.

Capatilism is the best way known to man to dole out scarce resources. The free market. Sadly, the health care system does not use capatalism to dole out health care.

If everyone paid cash for their health care, there would be no worries. People would get value for their dollar, with almost no administrative costs. As of now, there are too many middle men.

Obama wants to carry it further to the left, and create a much worse system, where some committee determines not only what health care you can have, but whether you can have any at all.

Old people especially should be concerned, because that will naturally be a major point in whether you "deserve" treatment.

In short, this is going to be a train wreck. Medicare and medicaid already only provide 60% of the actual costs of those programs. The insured pay the rest.

Barry, once again you have confused socialism with society. Problems should be solved in the natural order, according to efficiency: Individual, family, city, state, THEN federal government.

Schools, police and fire protection, utilities (water and sewer) are best, and most efficiently delivered on a local basis. Everyone pays the same. That is not socialism. Highways, parks on a state basis. Everyone pays the same. That is not socialism. The military, protecting the entire country, on a federal basis. If the tax rate is "progressive", that is socialism.

Taking money, or scarce resources, from one group, and giving it to another group, is socialism.

Things like health care, monetary security, etc, should be handled on a personal, or family basis. The freaking federal government should have NO hand in it. It is a recipe for disaster, as it has become in other countries that have tried it.

CA and MA are quickly finding out what a mess it can be on a state basis.

If all of Obama's socialist programs go through, the US economy will be over 47% through the federal government. That is higher than most European countries.

That is NOT how this country became the greatest economy in the world, and our ranking will surely fall in short order. It has already begun.

Finally, we do NOT have the doctors and nurses and facilities, at this time, to take on 50 million uninsured. At least not the same QUALITY of service as the currently insured, or cash paying patients, enjoy. Therefore, if everyone is on the same level, health care MUST be rationed.

Further, if medicine is socialized, there will be NO further research, drug development, treatment development, etc. There will be no value in it. The US has been the only country to make ANY significant advances in health care for a long time.

Do not let anyone lie to you, and tell you otherwise. It is obvious.

Jonas Salk

Anonymous said...

Yea, lets nationalize the legal system and let the government assign lawyers and fees!!!

Knarf said...

"If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free." -- P.J. O'Rouke

The Truth said...

"the reason the elderly in the U.K. are healthy is because the weak and sick die prior to getting old."
MZCHEESY this is the dumbest thing you've ever said, and you say a lot of dumb stuff. Besides the fact that the statement is incorrect, the statement itself does not even make sense. How can a person be elderly if they "die prior to getting old"?????
US Life Expectancy: 74.37 male, 80.05 female.
England Life Exectancy: 77 male, 82 female.

Silicone Alley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wordkyle said...

Don't private schools vastly outperform public schools academically? Where did Barack Obama place his children? Do politiicans rave at the success of the Social Security and Medicare programs?

Members of Congress have voted themselves a very generous private retirement plan unavailable to the rest of us. (They also have their own private police force.) When Washington politicians subject themselves to the same programs that they propose for the rest of us, their arguments for new federal programs -- such as universal healthcare -- will carry more credibility.

Anonymous said...

To 6:53: Do you really think a bureaucrat will have your best interest at heart and they will rubber stamp all treatments. I am sure you have dealt with other government entities and have found them less than caring. I would like everyone in favor a government run health care system to go on Medicaid or Medicare for 12 months to evaluate such a system. One of the main reasons insurance companies have so much power is because in the 60s and 70s insurance fraud committed by patients and doctors alike was rampant. They fought for and were given the ability to prevent what was happening and have since started abusing those powers and unfortunately our politicians and appointed judges enjoy the benefits of continuing to support the policies.

Jarhead said...


If you want a sneak peek at Obama's nationalized heath care, go visit a VA hospital and get back to me with your findings.

That's what you're going to get with Obama's plan. It's bad enough that our vets get the shittiest medical care on the planet... Hooray for substandard medical care for all Americans!

To listen to everone on this blog piss and moan about WRMC or whatever it's called now...and now you think taking an alredy crippled industry [that's what it is, after all.. a business, and a poorly run one at that] and putting in the goverment's hands is a "fix"?

A refresher: government = bad. Liberty = good.

Best of luck with that.

Anonymous said...

The Canadians that come for health care in the USA are the ones that have the money to do so. The rest stay in Canada with only national Healthcare, or just die wanting to go to America.

Anonymous said...

Well said Silicone Alley.

Anonymous said...

Those examples you give just how well are they working? Police - are we Crime free, Parks they are so overrun who wants to go there. Fire departments are hireing grant writters to get every tax doller they can get. Yeah hows that working.

Anonymous said...

Socialized medicine. Let's ask the Indians (Native Americans) how well it has worked for them. If you can't find one to ask, then ask the Veteran's how well it has worked out for them. If the government can't fix it for them, they WHY do you people think it will work for all of America???? It won't.

RPM said...

I have actually had government run healthcare and private healthcare.

When I was in the Coast Guard I broke my thumb and was treated at the USPHS Hospital. It was nothing fancy, no flatscreen TV's or concierge menu, but it was quality treatment administered by the government.

Years later when my wife was pregnant she developed a large ovarian cyst that had to be removed. My job offered no health insurance. The Decatur Hospital demanded cash payment in full before they would do the surgery. They would not budge an inch.

I have no problems with a national healthcare program where every man, woman and child has coverage.

Anonymous said...

American's can do anything better than anybody else! Why so little faith they cannot make some form of healthcare work? If we did not have good government in spite of the government haters, we would be Iraq with Saddam, Libya with Momarwhaterver, Iran with Itolyqso, 30's germany heil and so forth. Some Americans seem to not have any faith in what can be achieved by Americans. Just because it is not working in other countries, does not mean Americans cannot make it work. The Vet thing? Obama has barely been president, maybe it can be corrected. Did not happen with him. Or Him as some of you refer.

Anonymous said...

You got soft on Sillycones.

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle "Don't private schools vastly outperform public schools academically? "

This is a really ignorant statement. Why wouldn't private schools outperform public schools as a whole? Private schools are private and paid for by people who can afford to send their child to PRIVATE school. This group tends to be better educated and more stable anyway. Public schools HAVE to teach every child. They don't get a choice in who they teach.

There probably is even a study that students in private schools have fewer cavities and are healthier. That is because their parents can better afford insurance.

Private is the word that capitalists like to throw around as their mantra that means any way they can make money without accountability. The bottom line is money. Make money, not good. If good happens and we make money, woopee! If we just make money, woopee! That is what has happened to health care. It is more about the money than it is about the care. Throw out the money changers! Care for people!

Anonymous said...

my insurance is so high so some deadbeat or illegal can take their
children to the emergency room with just a runny nose.

Anonymous said...

Many of the people bitching about no insurance are the one's who won't enroll their children in the chips program and those premiums start at $15/month. Many won't pay for insurance but insist on driving a newer car or live in a house that prevents them from affording health insurance. Why do some employees decline employer sponsored plans? The same reason many have been with the same partner for years and have several kids but refuse to get married. If you check the correct box, you are able to manipulate the system. Why pay even a small amount for insurance and deductibles if you can work the system, go to the emergency room, and be treated for free? I know a guy that has 3 kids, nice house, nice cars and a $45000 ski boat that insists he can't afford coverage. It is true, you just can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

Don't home schooling vastly out perform public and private schools? Maybe all schools private and public schools should be done away with and only home schooled be the norm. Look at all the tax money saved on building schools and those high dollar athelic programs as well as that high dollar tution for private schools! Wasn't your daughter home schooled by the smarterst person on the planet?

Anonymous said...

10:51 - Your last comment says it all. Personally, if we could get to the bottom of fraud in government, we'd have the money to provide national healthcare.

For instance Medicare. When my dear mother was aging, everytime she had a health issue, here came a barrage of testing, most of it unnecessary. This was twenty years ago. Fast forward to now with advanced technology. Every body part almost has a "machine" now to test it. A family member who is diabetic was put in a hyperbaric chamber (supposed to speed healing) for weeks at two thousand dollars a treatment. Two other physicians later expressed that they felt this was a ridiculous procedure. So why was it done? It doesn't take a financial expert to figure that one out. And many doctors order these expensive tests because they are scared to death of lawsuits.

Yes, our healthcare system needs restructuring. I don't know what the answer is, but know what the problem is: GREED.

And a bunch of folks we are supposed to trust are involved in it.

Anonymous said...

Good points 12:30. Though this subject is about healthcare, I've always wondered why homeschool parents have to pay school taxes?

Oh, I know. Because most of these folks are wealthy enough to stay home and the public schools need their money for athletic programs and artificial turf.


wordkyle said...

anon 1051 - You really failed to demonstrate how my comment about private schools was "ignorant." Your rant about money, disjointed as it was, illustrates a naivete that would be charming if it weren't so destructive. Do you honestly think political decisions regarding schools have anything to do with education?

Anonymous said...

Spend some time today or this week contacting Blue Dog Democrats in the House before this "back door deal" is pushed through the house. Tell the Blue Dogs to vote no to Obama Care that will give public free health care to ten million illegals and bancrupt the middle class.

This deal is to reward health care union workers and broaden the base of illegals for future elections.

It is not health care reform or will any measure create health care savings to pay to ad the illegals. Both houses in Arizona have passed legislation to decline Obama care. Arizona would be over run by more illegals coming across the border for free health care.

The trillion dollar price tag that fines those who earn more than 4 times the poverty level but not enough to buy health care insurance will ration care mainly to the elderly.

If Obama doesn't get this pushed through before the 2010 elections, the house will change and Obamacare will be history!

Heath care reform is needed but not a back door deal for political pay back!

Texas should withdraw from Obama care just like the Congressmen who withdrew from the plan! If they don't want it, we know there is something really wrong with it.

Contact the Blue Dogs to stop this now. Just don't complain, do something. Tell them NO Obamacare, NO back door deals.

Anonymous said...

soooo......, hows that socialized school working out? or the police,(more interested in revenue than protect and serve)? or socialize security? how many yrs left on that bottomless pit? etc. etc.

yea these are the folks i want in charge of my prostate exame.

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Health care is different than any other public service because the medical provider provides the service. To control costs, either the provider receives lower reimbursements or rations care. Or admisinstrative costs have to be reduced by going to a single payer system. Patients will over use the system and some medical providers will provide services not needed just to make more money.

Unlike other public services such as fire protection, schools, etc.., a person's medical needs are different depending on accute illness, age, etc.. Any health care system that dictates to the medical provider the number of treatments, procedures, medicine will not provide the quaility of health care most Americans expect.

And to offer public health care that competes with private care will not work.

Adding more uninsured to public health care will overwhelm medical providers who are now are not being reimbursed by Medicare costing families an average $1700 a year increase in health care prmiums.

Government does not do a better job of management. So why would we want our health care under big government?

Anonymous said...

"those who would trade liberty for security, deserve niether"

ben franklin

Anonymous said...

The elite private schools - as in college prep schools - do perform better than public schools. Their clientele are quite different from the public schools'.

Nothing wrong with people wanting to spend their money on an elite education for their kids - they can afford it & that's up to them.

Silly question about why those people pay school taxes. You could say the same thing about people with no children. Whether or not you are using the service personally has nothing to do with whether you pay the tax.

It is better for our society as a whole to have an educated society, something that has only become necessary in the last decades as careers become more complex.

I have never had a fire in 30 years of home ownership (knock on wood) but I gladly pay taxes for fire protection because we all benefit from fire control.

Anonymous said...

Private school students do not take TAKS.

Sometimes students that cannot pass the TAKS enroll in a private school at the end of their high school career so that they can get a diploma without having to pass TAKS.

The quality of private schools vary HUGELY.

President Clark said...

The reason we freak out is because the military, fire/police protection, highways are public goods. That means they are non-excludable. If I pay taxes that goes to pay for military protection, they can't just protect me and others that pay taxes. They protect everyone including those that do not pay taxes. Similiar to roads and such. Health benefits are not the same. I pay for my own benefits and utilize them as I need them. My doctor can exclude someone who does not pay for their benefits.

Anonymous said...

8:51 - I disagree with you about it being "silly" for home schooled parents to pay taxes/ and people with no children, though I appreciate your reasoning about education being needed.

Finally, those sixty five and older have theirs "frozen" after somebody woke up and realized folks this age are on a FIXED income.

School taxes need reforming too. People with NO children should NOT have to pay as much as those with children.

That is just fair.

If you want to pay some extra taxes, give me your name and I will send you my tax bill. I'd be dang GLAD for you to pay mine.

Actually, there is a mindset out there right now about funding health care that comes close to your viewpoint.

Everybody just "adopt" one family and pay for their healthcare in addition to their own.

Problem solved.

I guess.

Anonymous said...

Well said, 9:23. You get what you pay for, and I can pay for insurance to "insure" I get good quality medical care. I have no problem with those that don't have jobs to get insurance being relegated to sitting and waiting for mediocre care in a JPS-type waiting room. Don't work hard, to "insure" yourself, should have the time to sit in a waiting room and see a doc-in-a-box.

Anonymous said...

Those against a public health care option complain that this would put the private insurance out of business. I find this hilarious...when the same group feels private school vouchers provides "choice" for public schools students. If private insurance can't survive against a so called inferior public option then so be it. Maybe my private insurance will actually have to agree to pay to allow my sick kids to receive care. I have paid $10,000 a year over the last 10 years for private insurance and fought HARD each time I needed to use it (3 times) During a crisis I have spent time begging a private company to allow my kid to receivce was 2 weeks old and very ill. Why are you guys scared if you think the public option will be so awful.....your private insurance should thrive and dominate....because you say it is superior....just as you say private schools are superior. Our local private hospital just paid in cash $222 million for a new addition. Don't kid yourself, we are getting ripped off by the insurance companies and hospitals and I am confused why that doesn't irritate a true conservative!

Anonymous said...

Heard an old man on CSPAN this morning with an interesting view.

Right now, Medicare pays 80 percent and private insurance makes up the difference for those on Medicare.

His solution: Private Insurance should pay eighty percent and the government take up the rest.

That guy should run for President.

wordkyle said...

1016 - First of all, I sympathize with your efforts to get treatment for your kids. Do you feel it would be easier if you were dealing with a government-run insurance company? (Conservatives have consistently railed at the high cost of everything due to onerous and unnecessary government interference in the private sector.)

Your initial statement and ensuing comparison to school vouchers don't hold water. The concern is that because the government won't have to worry about profitability, it will come in at a much lower cost. As a result, employer-provided medical insurance will rush to that option strictly to save costs, regardless of quality of care. This will drive private insurance out of the market. Individual choice (as in private schools) gives each person the option of selecting quality over lower cost. A more valid voucher comparison would be for the government to give each American x number of dollars in a healthcare voucher, which they could spend on their healthcare as they saw fit. (I'm not endorsing such a plan, merely comparing apples to apples.)

Anonymous said...

10:16: If you think you've had problems in the health care system as it stands now, just wait for nationalized care! People all over the globe in countries having this type of government-sponsored care wait for MONTHS to just get a simple x-ray. Potential cancer patients have had delays stretch so long that they have died awaiting treatment. This is why the ones who can afford it come to the US for care from places like Canada. You may need surgery and wait 6 months just for and MRI, or have heart problems and be put off for weeks, leading to death. I have researched this type of system extensively and can give you references to case after case in which care was delayed so long that the outcome was must worse than it would have been in this country with quick treatment. People here have it pretty damned good; you can go to any ED in the country and at least get care, which is more than you will get with nationalized health care. You won't get a choice of physicians, and the good ones will quit, because the reimbursement will be too low. You get what you pay for...remember that.

Anonymous said...

10:16 hit the nail on the head. Insurance companies and hospitals are making billions. Consumers and doctors are getting screwed. The new system will screw them even harder.

Anonymous said...

Yes 10:02 - and many people take a lower paying job that has better health benefits just FOR those.

Health care reform is very important to many people - more folks than we know!

Anonymous said...

If hospitals are "making billions", then why are so many closing their doors, genius?

Anonymous said...

How did you morons get off on education? Stick to the subject people!

Anonymous said...

Joe Barton was on CSPAN this morning. Now remember, this man from Texas is a Republican. Guess what? The GOVERNMENT pays for a pretty good chunk of part of his healthcare plan and private insurance pays the rest.

So much for these idiot Republicans that criticize Democrats for government assistance.


Anonymous said...

The point is, yes, healthcare needs reform. The problem is, universal healthcare that we foot the bill for the dead beats is NOT a good answer to the problem. That punishes us all, as that type of 'socialized' system is no improvement, just a different set of problems.

Anonymous said...

Ok 2:19 - maybe the answer is this:

Reform healthcare and put in a provision that the dead beats (who are classified as such) go to the churches for help.

With a church on every corner (with more being built every day)..why not?

Give them more tax breaks than they already have.

Anonymous said...

Yes hospitals in large and small communities are making millions. Even your Wise County Hospital is doing pretty damn good. Many claim to be not for profit (St. Mary's which paid $222 million is a good example, how can you be not for profit yet have that much cash in reserve). Have you seen the billboards, the TV ads the radio ads to come to this place to birth...that place to have heart surgery. How do they have tha much cash to advertise. Each needs a new addition for birthing, heart, cancer.. The real debate is we are idiots to think everytime we have a pain a surgery is the cure. Coronary Heart Bypass which cost close to $30,000 per patient was the "thing" and still is but in late 1990's a scientific blinded study done proved patients that take meds and diet not only do as well but better than those having surgery (except for 85% blockage in one area of hear where surgery is better). How many kids get tonsillectomies now. How many women have hysterectomies, how many kids get tubes in their ears...we believe doing surgery or something is better than nothing and most of these things are no longer in fashion and have been proven afterwards to be ineffective. Remember Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? We spend more and have a shorter life span than many industrilized nations with national systems, and that is why. And get off Canada and look at several places where dual systems work...Swiss and French. Perhaps we pay more because we lost sight of reasonable care and do no harm, but instead want to be the Jetson's and have everything right now. I actually had to ask a doctor NOT to do a spinal tap on my son when the day prior a child died of meningitis and the doctor was concerned he had it(also covering his a**). I felt he was over reacting and asked for an X-ray first...he had pneumonia, but had I ben a Jetson I would have gone along with a painful more expensive procedure....And yes as a high paying insurance person I and all can get wonderful ER care, which America Ranks #1, but I also have to wait 6 months or longer to see orthopedic, dermatologist, and other specialist. My parents wait several hours to see Tibbles in Decatur....don't all of you wait to see someone when you are sick. Are all of you walking into the DR office and being seen right away? That's amazing if true.

Anonymous said...

Those who lead our country have Federal Insurance Plans. Our Texas politicians have State Insurance plans. Why can't we have the same insurance they do?

And the dear frugal Republicans in congress automatically go on MEDICARE when they reach 65.

If they don't like the government paying for their health care when they get old, they shouldn't take it.

wordkyle said...

And now it looks like Democrat opposition to government-funded abortion is going to derail Obama's socialized healthcare plan.

Who'd a thunk it?