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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a truck that had jack-knifed onto a train track about five miles north of Decatur on 287. Every rescue vehicle in the Southwest proper was headed that way, but it looks like all trains had been stopped.
  • I'm no so sure about that "feeling refreshed" after a vacation. "Feeling like I want to do it again" is more like it.
  • I think I experienced "vacation guilt" as I looked around at the poverty in Mexico as I traveled to my resort from the airport.
  • The Cancun airport is really nice.
  • Turning off the cell phone for a week is weird.
  • I visited the Xcaret Eco Park. Probably overrated based upon it's price -- with the exception of "Spider Monkey Island".
  • I woke up one day a little after 6:00, stumbled to the beach, and saw the sun rise over the horizon.
  • I'm now in my office wearing a suit.
  • I always want to eat at some off the beaten path authentic Mexican restaurant not visited by tourists but I never do.
  • OK, yell at me for this: I took a quick diving course and then scuba dove for about 45 minutes in 20 to 25 feet of water. I figured it was shallow enough to be safe. It's not as easy as it looks.
  • I kept thinking about "Open Water."
  • I watched very little TV over the week, but did manage to catch the release of the video of Michael Jackson's hair catching fire during the filming of the Pepsi commercial. That was crazy.
  • And a quick Internet check in showed me it was crazy hot back in Texas last week.
  • I'm still trying to get my Random Thought groove back.


Anonymous said...

Visiting Xcaret was the highlight of my trip to Cancun, Mexico. I thought that place was quite frankly the most heavenly place I've ever seen or been to. It was so beautiful and to snorkel through the underground cave river, was just awesome. I would go everyday if given the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

From the Update:

UNDERAGE DRINKING - Wise County Crimestoppers has agreed to pay $100 to anyone who will call in a tip on underage drinkers that leads to a ticket for minor in possession of alcohol. To report an underage drinker, call 1-800-643-TIPS or (940) 627-TIPS.

Do you think that Rex's posse will finally look at all of the underage drinking in the reunion parking lot now?

Anonymous said...

That white bikini bottom with the wedgie sure looks uncomfortable. Think she would mind if I helped her get that out?
And then the blonde would probably get jealous and I would have to help her, too. Man, high-maintenance women!

"scuba dove"

Eating at some off-the-beaten path Mexican restaraunt in Mexico will probably keep you on a beaten path to the toilet, with a case of Montezuma's Revenge

Anonymous said...

From one of your courthouse buddies--still enjoying the Colorado cool temperatures! See you next week! Glad you're back safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

The underage drinking at Reunion isn't just in the parking lot.....It's all around the camps and carnival. All the police have to do is walk around with their eyes open to see it.

Anonymous said...

Barry, on your random day posts #5 you mentioned a Christmas Ad by Grace Baptist Church. That should probably be a retraction...perhaps Grace Fellowship when they wer under construction..we are certain Dr. Gardner of Grace Baptist in Decatur would never run such an ad.

Propagandist said...

Did you get a chance to say howdy to those girls?

Anonymous said...

Why feel guilt? You are spending money there and helping the people.

Anonymous said...

"Open Water" the absolute dumbest movie ever..... major WASTE of money. I still kick myself for watching that one to the end. Oh...awful. Just awful!