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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Yet another accident on the Tollway in Dallas caused by a car going the wrong direction.
  • Watched Tropic Thunder over the weekend: Very, very funny. (And I was looking for the Tom Cruise performance since everyone said, "you won't recognize him." He was on screen for five minutes before I recognized him.)
  • Wasn't the first internet service provider in Wise County called Webfire? (Yep. And when I signed up with them in the Fall of 1996, they handed me a stack of about three 3 1/2 disks with the Netscape browser on it and told me to go home and install it. And they told me to bring it back after I was done.)
  • Good grief: The weather forecast for the week is near 100 each day with little wind?
  • Three men alleged to have been involved in a murder in Wichita Falls are stopped on 287 in Wise County on Saturday. From the sound of it, every cop in the county got involved.
  • There a handful of college football games at the new Cowboys' Stadium this Fall but there's one twist: The only game where beer won't be served at the general concession stands is Texas Tech v. Baylor per the Baylor contract.
  • Not sure if dancing will be allowed.
  • I'm distracted by the guy in the background in the above pic.
  • I'm still laughing at the "Don't Call Me Liz" post from a couple of days ago. Keith Olbermann did a funny reenactment of the email exchange on his great show on MSNBC. (Skip to the 1:30 mark to avoid the set-up.)
  • Why is it that we all cherish life but most of us wouldn't want to go back and do it all again?
  • If I ran a movie studio, I'd focus on animated kids' movies. Up, which I'm sure I'll never see, has made $224 million in just four weeks. That's already second place for the year. And can you imagine the number of DVD sales (plus merchandise)?
  • Odd death: Southlake teenager dies at the the Omni Hotel swimming pool in downtown Fort Worth.
  • From the Turn-Yourself-In-Already-Department: Chancellor Jay Hutcheson, 18, who graduated from Plano West and allegedly sucker punched a UCLA tennis player after a Rascal Flats concert in Dallas over a week ago. The victim remains in a medically induced coma.
  • But that's a tough case for the prosecution: A normal misdemeanor assault gets ramped up when the victim falls and hits his head on the concrete causing for more damage than ever expected or intended. (Former TCU player Ryan Tucker ran into the same legal problem after a fight in downtown Fort Worth bar.)
  • George Will on the criticism that Obama has not been strong enough to condemn the Iranian fraud of an election: "It seems to me to be foolish criticism. The people on the streets over there know what the American position is."
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm posting news links of stuff you've probably already heard of. But as soon as I omit one, I'll get a comment of "I can't believe you didn't mention . . . . "
  • A bumper sticker that has outlived its funny factor: "My [son/daughter] and my money go to the University of . . . . "