I Can't Believe I'm Posting This

I wouldn't recognize a Jonas Brothers song if I heard one. I'm not sure I'd recognize one of Jonas Brothers if I saw one of them. But I know they are this half decade's teen sensation as evidenced by their appearance on the Today Show on Friday with a crowd outside that went on for blocks. And they performed last night at the new Cowboys' Stadium in front of a krillion screaming kids. But what do you think it sounded like when Miley Cyrus made a unannounced guest appearance for the final encore? Above, someone was rolling tape on the hi-def screen. And you know that at least one mom demanded that her group of kids skip the encore to get a head start in traffic -- resulting in a very uncomfortable Sunday around the home. Once again, I apologize for the post. Edit: One of the comments was correct. I had to rewrite this thing to have it make any sense. I was sleepy.