Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Got my Internet fixed last night. Then woke up this morning to find it down again. I'm no technician, but replacing the router/modem two times in one week has not fixed the problem.
  • I forgot to mention, no one struts more than the high school track athlete.
  • Seeing a kid's chalk art on a sidewalk makes me smile.
  • It's rare for KRLD not to steal the news from some other source, but they are the only ones that posted about a "gruesome accident" that occurred this morning in Lewisville.
  • Taser Fun: A 72 year old granny and a mouthy motorist. Here. I love the taser over the firearm to diffuse a situation, but cops seem to be a little quick on the trigger with the thing.
  • Taser should be spelled Tazer. It's cooler.
  • I've never seen Palo Dura Canyon.
  • I'm reading a book on the collapse of Bear, Stearns. I'm not much of a business guy, but it is fascinating. (And it made me feel a little insignificant when I read the part of one silk suited lawyer picking up the phone and dialing the number of the head of the New York Federal Reserve Bank at his home - and the guy taking the call.)
  • Another earthquake in Cleburne last night. That makes four. Can't we have at least one up here?
  • At least one lawyer is reporting that the Tarrant County judge who was arrested for DWI last year (but who had the case thrown out for a defective search warrant) will not be running for re-election.
  • How did GM go bankrupt? I mean, look around at all the GM cars that are on the road.
  • And this GM bankruptcy/nationalization can't be good for business. I'm not sure things aren't going to get worst for them.
  • I wonder if I'm too old for a Nissan 370Z?