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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Not at Frilly's
  • If you are clicking on this early in the morning, skip it and scroll down to the post below it.
  • A tech guy will becoming over to fix my home Internet for the second time in a week. I might kill him.
  • Man, I completely missed the fan running out onto the court and up to Roger Federer at the French Open on Sunday. Youtube video. If I'm Federer, I'd attacked him with the racket. Why? A fan came onto the court and stabbed Monica Seles in 1993. Question: The lady the camera cuts to in the audience at the 47 second mark isn't Seles, is it?
  • The Rangers awarded manager Ron Washington with a one year extension yesterday through 2010. Wow. A whole year.
  • I've changed my jogging routine to do it right when I wake up at an ungodly hour. I feel like Tom Cruise running through an empty Times Square in Vanilla Sky. (Why do I think 90% of you have no idea what that means?)
  • It seems that if you go to the new Cowboys' Stadium that you spend most of your time looking at the screen. I guess that's OK.
  • Crazy scene in a Tarrant County criminal court as an outburst earned her 180 days for contempt. (One thing I've never researched is the concept of contempt. You would think that due process would at least afford a person a hearing before being ordered to jail.)
  • At the state track meet, some funny and sassy lady sat down beside me and started talking to her friend. A little later she removed her hat to reveal only a few strands of hair -- an obvious chemo patient. I kind of just wanted to hug and wish her well.
  • "Wish her well" makes sense in that context, doesn't it?
  • The current version of the iPhone will now be sold for $99. I would think sales are about to explode to such an extent that the majority of people own one within five years.
  • The movie Hangover (guys having a bachelor party in Vegas) sounds like it might deviate from the typical silly formula.
  • Movies = Generally Overrated?
  • Another plug for's Free Classifieds.
  • Rush Limbaugh said in a nauseating interview with Sean Hannity on Wednesday: “If al-Qaida wants to demolish the America we know and love, they’d better hurry because Obama is beating them to it." Good lord, man.
  • Picture of digital menu at the new Cowboys' Stadium (Credit: Bud Kennedy's Eats Beat)
  • I'm confused about the capacity of the new stadium. When it was announced, it was said to seat 70,000 but had the capacity for 100,000 with standing room only tickets. But the attendance for George Strait on Saturday was said to be a little over 60,000 and that includes seats on the floor. (Unless there weren't seats on the floor.) But wasn't it a sell-out?
  • There was one DWI near the stadium after the concert. Unfortunately, it was the new General Manager of the stadium. Oh, my.