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The Aurora Snakerealis

This email is going around about what happened to a lady in Aurora last night. I deleted the names. I was going to go out on the front porch to look at the weather and I opened the door to find that dang snake wrapped around the bottom of the door not visible as it is in the picture. It fell at my feet in my house. It crawled around my dining room until [my husband] could get it out, very scary. It looks to be about 5 feet long. He put it out in the grass then at about 10 or so last night. The dogs starting going crazy and I went to look and it was back on my door, crawling up it. [Redacted] and I were scared to death. [Husband] said to leave it alone that it was a good snake to eat bugs, rats etc. He wouldn't get it. He went to be and [redacted] and I called the Sheriff's department and they came and killed it. It was so crazy.